Win a WOO!

What is Woo?

The Woo is a kitesurfing tracker that can be attached to your kiteboard and will record your kite sessions. It records all your jumps, hangtime and more, all of which you can then download via your smartphone app and of course share online.

How can I win?

Fill out our short quiz below and you are done. Yup, no strings attached and no worries – there are no wrong answers! We will pick a winner at random and announce it on the 31st of May on our Facebook page.

The Quiz

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Do you watch Youtube videos to learn new kitesurfing tricks?
 Yes No

What would you like us to make videos about? (multiple selections are possible)
 Unhooked tricks Jumping techniques Safety related topics Lightwind techniques Equipment reviews and tips Kitelooping Fitness for kitesurfing Rider interviews Easy to learn tricks

Did you know that we have moved to a new homespot, Lefkada in Greece?
 Yes No

Which of these tricks can you do? (multiple selections are possible)
 Backroll Frontroll Jump Transition Boardgrab Darkslide Kiteloop Unhooked Railey Back to Blind Blind Judge

Do you try to learn new tricks on most sessions?
 Yes, I like trying new tricks I am afraid of getting hurt I'm quite happy with what I can do on the water

Would you be interested in joining a girls-only kite clinic?
 Yes No

Are you interested in alternative activities on your kitesurfing holiday such as Mountainbiking and Stand Up Paddle Surfing?
 Yes No

What are the most important things you look for in a kitesurfing destination?

Any suggestions on how we can improve the Alwayswindy experience?

That's it! Now send it off and we will add your entry to the competition!