How it all started

Whilst managing Skyriders in Alacati, Turkey in 2009, we discovered Gokova Bay in the south. There were two small schools with local students and no Europeans. Every time we left Gokova Bay the comment “it really is Always Windy here” was muttered by one of us… and so Always Windy was born and we became the first European Trip Organiser for Gokova Bay, putting this fantastic location on the international kitesurfing map. Since then Always Windy has grown and expanded to other locations and has more in the pipeline!

Why Choose Us

Wind: Our priority in a destination is the reliability of the wind. Too many Tour Operators use the infrastructure, such as good quality Hotels, as their starting point. Of course, we don’t want our clients sleeping in tents but the reliability of the wind comes first, then we source great accommodation as near to a European Standard as we can find – not all our locations are common for tourism.

Living in our locations for 2-3 months gives us a much better picture of how the wind works. There are many tell tales signs, at a windy location, that gives you a much better history of the wind than, for example,Windguru (who’s history by the way, is just a history of its forecast not of what actually happened!).

One aspect we look for is a thermal acceleration of the local wind, along with the land mass around the sea, such as a venture effect and simple things such as rows of trees all bent in one direction!

“Living in our locations for 2-3 months gives us a much better picture of how the wind works.”


We do not add commissions or surcharges to our partner’s prices. We travel ourselves and don’t expect to pay more, so why should you. We spend time with our partners, understanding their businesses and creating agreements that allow us to make a living as well as offering the best deals to our clients.

We like to book our own flights, it gives us flexibility. There are so many great and ever changing deals out there now, by booking your own flights you also have the flexibility we enjoy.

By booking with Always Windy you will get a complete package, without spending the time organising all the components, for the same price if not for less!


We have worked in numerous locations, travelled extensively and have seen many different attitudes and styles towards teaching and safety.

We have very high standards, which we ensure that our Partners and Instructors are trained in, by ourselves. They teach safety procedures to a European standard to ensure that you return home safe and knowledgeable.

We want your stay with us to be as comfortable, exciting and progressive as possible and really hope our passion for Kiteboarding rubs off on you!

About us

Mark and Sarah met in Tarifa, southern Spain, and lived there collectively for 9 years; both are very experienced Level 2 IKO instructors and have been teaching since 2005.

Mark left Vienna and started, and is still involved in, Radical Wave Ibiza (he’s the IT guru!). He then worked for Club Mistral and Skyriders for 4 years, travelling with them to 3 different locations.

After leaving London, Sarah managed the first Kiteboarding shop and school in the UK before moving to Spain, to continue her ‘real career’ as a Project Manager (she’s the organiser!), which only lasted to the end of the contract…

Pluto Bear, joined us one evening at a bar in Akyaka (Gokova Bay) and has been with us ever since. Pluto’s main role is that of general mischief and mayhem at the beach (Greece only) along with looking rather cute and lapping up all the attention! If a flip flop or water bottle goes missing, we apologise!

Mark and Sarah’s experience and knowledge of the sport and equipment goes back years and they are more than happy to impart this knowledge to their clients, whether it be telling an amusing tale or discussing the latest kit or move.

How did we start?

Mark: “Windsurfing was my first water sport passion but more often than not I found myself standing on the beach, watching kitesurfers enjoying themselves, with a lot less wind than my windsurf equipment needed. That was all it took and I was sold.”

Sarah:”I was cycling down the promenade on the way home from work in Brighton one day and saw these things bobbing in the air over the sea, so I went to investigate and what I saw I wanted to try! A few lessons and six months later, I’d packed in my job, packed up my flat, bought two kites and a board and set off for 6 months around the world travelling and learning. Life has not been the same since!”