Vietnam – Kite Spots

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne’s main kite bay is roughly ten kilometres west of Mui Ne village and fishing harbour. The golden beach of the tourist resort stretches for as far as you can see and has many schools dotted along it. If you stay in a beach front Bungalow you can enjoy rolling out of bed and straight onto the kite beach, pump, rig and ride!


The Harbour Wall

Either down wind, take a taxi or jump on a scooter, a must in Vietnam, to experience a fantastic flat water session at the Harbour Wall. You will find the best time here is in the mornings until around 13:00hrs, when the wind is clean and perfect for a freestyle session and nailing those new moves. The harbour wall is a 20 minute scooter ride south of Mui Ne and should not be missed!


Malibu Beach

If waves are your thing then a trip or two to Malibu is a must. Again jump on your scooter or into a taxi and head 20 minutes north of Mui Ne (central) for this great wave spot. Malibu provides on-shore winds with plenty of kickers and some super sized waves to keep the novice and expert wave rider happy for hours!


Turtle Island

Turtle Island has it all… the sand bar provides super flat water downwind of clean waves. Either downwind from the town or park at the back of the sand dunes, walk over, launch and enjoy this deserted spot!


Phan Rang

A trip to Phan Rang is without a doubt worth a visit! Geographically it is a kiting gold mine, with two reefs separated by a deep bay, offering left and right reef-breaks as well as a safe beach-break. The reefs are tidal but you can still kite in the deep bay at low tide where there is flat water to improve your skills.



A popular downwinder is from Mui Ne to Phan Thiet. On this trip you’ll experience all types of conditions from chop and shore-break, to perfect flat water spots and wave sections which can stack up to three metre faces out back. Since this is a long downwinder of up to 2 hours, we recommend you go as a group or take one of our local instructors with you as a backup and who can show you where you can take a break and come in for a cool beer before getting a taxi back.

The Secret Island

Since it is secret, we will not spill the beans here but for the few that can stay a little longer, we will fill you in on the details and help you organise a truly unique trip to one of Vietnams best Kitespots.