The King of Pop is here – Vegas 2016


Finally the new North Vegas 2016 is out and I can hardly believe my eyes because it actually does not look like it has been designed during somebodies LSD trip! Furthermore, the Hadlow branding has been reduced quite a bit, so now if you want to distinguish your Vegas from the rest, it will have to be blue since all others don’t have the Hadlow print on it.

But enough pub surfer talk, now to the important stuff. The kite is really geared to the wakestylers and offers just like last year a multitude of setting options. Using various attachment points on the front, rear and different line lengths + different center line “V” / Hadlow bridles, you can fine tune this kite to make it fit your riding style, not the other way around. This is much more in line what you would expect from a specialized kite and if you just want to keep it simple, the Dice is a much better choice for you.

Improvements over the 2015 are mainly details such as overall stiffer frame, improved strut attachments / re-enforcements and the clever fast pump valve that now is standard on all North kites. Probably the least visible improvement are the 3D shaped panels that now give the kite a smoother profile with less drag. While this sounds like marketing blah, it actually is quite necessary because the 2016 Vegas sits even deeper in the window as you ride normally and when you load for your pop, the kite needs to accelerate out of the powerzone to pull you out. The faster the kite can do that, the more pop you will have and the more slack you will get after the pop since the kite has moved even closer to the edge of the window.

If you are thinking “sure, whatevs man” then have a look at the video, especially at 1:45 where you can clearly see how the kite just rips the rider out of the water and lets him drop into the bar just a second later.

King of pop Vegas 2016

Of course you still need to do a proper load and pop, no kite can do that for you but the Vegas 2016 will help to make it bigger and give you plenty of time to pass the bar.

What am I hearing you say? Struggling with your load and pop? Well don’t miss out on our instructional that will help you with that and of course you could always join one of our kite clinics in October in Essaouira



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