The E-Foil is coming

It seems foiling has taken the kitesurf world by storm and no competitive racer would even try riding without one anymore. So what makes this extra cumbersome pole and inverted wing so interesting?

It is an extremely power efficient way of travelling over water since it eliminates nearly all of the drag that a regular water vessel creates. If you have ever been on a motorboat you will have probably noticed how at low speeds, the boat will push through the water, displacing it and creating relatively large waves. If you then speed up, the same boat will lift out of the water and start to glide with a lot less drag, displacing much less water.

This of course is all fine until you hit waves which makes your relaxing motorboat ride into quite a bumpy experience. This is where a hydrofoil comes in and makes gliding over the water effortless again since it lifts the whole vessel out of the water, making you feel like you are gliding again.

So then pair this efficiency up with an electric motor and you get the E-Foil.


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