The 2014 North Dyno is Big!

North Dyno 2014

North Kiteboarding is already promoting its new 2014 line up and the Dyno is their lightwind and racing weapon of choice.
The kitesurfing racing scene has seen quite an increase in popularity which is very evident in the increased advertising for huge race boards, large fins and massive kites. One of the first companies to bring out kites that were tailored to the needs of racers was Ozone. Their Ozone Edge is very popular at the race courses and so North is now on the attack with their latest Dyno 2014.

If you watch closely, you will also notice how North did not miss out on showing an Edge working hard to get speed while their Dynos are rock solid in the sky…

Whether that means they acknowledge the dominance of Ozone in that area or whether it is just a cheap shot, you be the judge. Either way, the race is on!

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