How to: S-Bend with Holly Kennedy

S-Bend with Holly Kennedy

This summer we had the North Kiteboarding teamrider Holly Kennedy visit us and we decided to do something special so we are very excited to release our latest instructional which covers the S-Bend. This freestyle move is one of the first moves you will learn after your unhooked Railey (which we covered in last weeks video) and will require more dedication and skill.


Are you riding F-One?

If you are, it is finally time for you to join the club of sensible-working-quick-release!
Yes after many years of having to depend on finding a tiny red tab to pull a velcro based quick release, F-One has decided to update their ancient system and now features a push away system which pretty much has become the standard in the kiteboarding industry.

How to update your new Push away quick release on your existing kitebar. from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.

Kiteskate – Endless fun in light winds on a big kite

Kiteskating Gokova Turkey

Kiteskate, Summer Days from David Dopico on Vimeo.

The summer is not quite here yet but the temperatures are going up daily and while you might not be rocking on a 7m, you will have many days for a bigger kite. One of our favourite light wind toys is a wakeskate board. It is basically a very large skateboard or skimboard and allows you not only to ride in next to no wind but is incredibly fun to throw around wearing nothing but regular, old skate shoes.

So on your next flat water, light wind day (which is what we are getting pretty much every day now in Gokova, Turkey) I suggest you try something new that will keep you smiling even under a large kite.


Gokova Budget Kitesurfing Holiday


Unlike other travel agencies around the UK, Always Windy does not sit in an office dreaming of kitesurfing but instead we live at our spot which is why we can offer you the best deals in town.


For the season opening in May we are offering you our 6+1 Night Free special including a reduced airport transfer. That means 1 week in Gokova will cost you only 116 GBP/193 Euro (based on two sharing) including breakfast and airport transfer!


We travel ourselves and don’t want to pay more, so why should you. If you find an offer somewhere for accommodation, airport transfer or rentacars which is cheaper, please let us know and we will try our best to beat that price. So what are you waiting for – get in touch with us and book yourself a great deal on a kitesurfing trip in Turkey.

Cheap flights to Gokova and Ayvalik in Turkey 2014

We all know that planning ahead can save you loads of money when booking a kitesurfing holiday but nobody has the time to be constantly on the lookout for a cheap flight and even then, how do you know when is the best time to grab a ticket? Some studies show that booking 8-6 weeks before the actual flight dates, gives you the best deals for shorter flights and for long haul flights, look to book even earlier. Either way, if your plans are to visit one of our kite spots in Turkey, we recommend you have a look at what the budget airline Fly Pegasus has to offer now. You could easily grab yourself a super cheap and windy kitesurf holiday in Ayvalik or Gokova if you get on it now.

Kannst Du den Frontloop schon?

Mittlerweile zählen unsere Kitesurf Anleitungsvideos zu den populärsten Kitevideos auf Youtube. Da euer Feedback ausserst positiv war haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt in Ayvalik unser neuestes Lehrvideo zu drehen. Diesmal geht es um die Front Rotation:

Hast Du Lust auf mehr? Auf unserer Webseite findest Du noch viele weitere Kitesurf Lehrvideos wo wir Backloops, Toeside Transitions, Load and Pop, Jump Transitions und noch vieles mehr zeigen.

Wenn Du mal auch Kitesurf Unterricht wie in unseren Videos erleben möchtest, schreibe uns doch einfach an und wir schicken Dir gerne mehr Infos zu unseren nächsten Schulungsterminen.

Secret Kitesurf Spot in Ayvalik

If you join us at the new Always Windy Kitesurfing Spot in Ayvalik, we will take you to on a 6km downwinder to the causeway joining the Island Cunda to the mainland. Right behind the causeway, the water is as flat as it gets and you can race and jump all day long with the wind coming in constantly and gust free right over the causeway.

The 2014 North Dyno is Big!

North Dyno 2014

North Kiteboarding is already promoting its new 2014 line up and the Dyno is their lightwind and racing weapon of choice.
The kitesurfing racing scene has seen quite an increase in popularity which is very evident in the increased advertising for huge race boards, large fins and massive kites. One of the first companies to bring out kites that were tailored to the needs of racers was Ozone. Their Ozone Edge is very popular at the race courses and so North is now on the attack with their latest Dyno 2014.

If you watch closely, you will also notice how North did not miss out on showing an Edge working hard to get speed while their Dynos are rock solid in the sky…

Whether that means they acknowledge the dominance of Ozone in that area or whether it is just a cheap shot, you be the judge. Either way, the race is on!

Just another 7m day in Ayvalik, Turkey

Another week of 25+ knots at one of the best kitesurfing spots I have ever been to, Ayvalik. Standing on the beach you can feel the wind but looking out on the water it is hard to believe that it is blowing so hard. In places the water is mirroring my 7m kite!

Kitesurfing with Always Windy: Just another 7m day in Ayvalik from Always Windy on Vimeo.

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Save your Gadgets from Water while Kitesurfing

We have all been there before – you are at the beach and things simply get wet. Not a problem until your phone or the GoPro gets wet and all the rice in the world can’t save it from sea salt happily corroding the electronics and sending you off to by a new, expensive replacement.

Back in the stone age (my era) you could get a yellow, bulky Sony Walkman or more recently “ruggedized” versions of mobile phones that promise to be splash proof. Of course it’s rarely the fully equipped super phone but some dumbphone or a not top of the range smartphone.

But in recent years there have been lots of advances with hydrophobic coating and now its finally available for anybody at a very fair 20 USD per spray can. NeverWet can waterpoof absolutely anything and after watching this video you will be lining up to buy it:

It’s not out yet in Europe as far as I can tell but it won’t be long before every BnQ will be having this on their shelves.

For that price, I think it is well worth the investment to protect your mobile from the next toilet drop or kitesurf session, when you forget about carrying your phone in the boardshorts…