Kiteloops on Land: Taming the Beast

While for most kitesurfers the mere thought of pulling the trigger gets their hearts racing, these boys are on a different level. Coming down from a missed kiteloop can hurt and we all know how hard water gets when you impact it like a dinosaur-killing-asteroid. But now imagine the same scenario but swap the water with land! Yes these guys have some massive brass Lent10 class balls!

Just another 7m day in Ayvalik, Turkey

Another week of 25+ knots at one of the best kitesurfing spots I have ever been to, Ayvalik. Standing on the beach you can feel the wind but looking out on the water it is hard to believe that it is blowing so hard. In places the water is mirroring my 7m kite!

Kitesurfing with Always Windy: Just another 7m day in Ayvalik from Always Windy on Vimeo.

Red Bull King of The Air Kiteboarding Highlights


The King of The Air competition last was held 7 years ago and it was where a young Ruben Lenten started to shine, right beside older kitesurfing stars such as Robbie Naish.

Around 5,000 spectators gathered at this years event in Cape Town to witness many of the world’s best kiteboarders in action and even Robbie Naish came to witness it. Watch this amazing video highlighting the best moments of the competition.

Megaloop on Snow = Balls of Steel

Being a fan of megaloops I can say with experience and confidence, to pull the trigger on a megaloop over snow, at that altitude, is not a trivial feat. It definately makes us look forward to our Snowkiting trip in March to Mount Erciyes.


Interview with Ruben Lenten

Ruben Lenten Kiteboarder Legend

Ruben Lenten is a kiteboarding Legend. However, the 22 year old is starting to look at life differently than you would expect if you watch his Mega Loops in various videos. Check out an interesting read on what makes him tick at KiteworldMag.Ruben Lenten - Kiteboard Legende

Ruben Lenten ist mit 22 Jahren eine Kiteboard Legende aber es steckt mehr in ihm als man vermuten wuerde wenn man nur seine Megaloop Videos kennt. KiteworldMag hat den jungen wilden fuer ein Interview vom Wasser ziehen koennen.

Ruben Lenten and the Megaloop Contest

Its not a big secret that we are fans of Ruben Lenten and here we have a new video of him giving us a look behind setting up his Red Bull Megaloop Contest.