How to: Unhooked Railey with

How to: UNhooked Railey

Today is a special day for us because we are releasing our first instructional video that covers how to unhook and with that your first unhooked move, the classic Railey!

So if you ever felt like entering the world of freestyle, this is your ticket and once you are unhooked, you will be hooked 😉

Kannst Du den Frontloop schon?

Mittlerweile zählen unsere Kitesurf Anleitungsvideos zu den populärsten Kitevideos auf Youtube. Da euer Feedback ausserst positiv war haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt in Ayvalik unser neuestes Lehrvideo zu drehen. Diesmal geht es um die Front Rotation:

Hast Du Lust auf mehr? Auf unserer Webseite findest Du noch viele weitere Kitesurf Lehrvideos wo wir Backloops, Toeside Transitions, Load and Pop, Jump Transitions und noch vieles mehr zeigen.

Wenn Du mal auch Kitesurf Unterricht wie in unseren Videos erleben möchtest, schreibe uns doch einfach an und wir schicken Dir gerne mehr Infos zu unseren nächsten Schulungsterminen.

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Save your Gadgets from Water while Kitesurfing

We have all been there before – you are at the beach and things simply get wet. Not a problem until your phone or the GoPro gets wet and all the rice in the world can’t save it from sea salt happily corroding the electronics and sending you off to by a new, expensive replacement.

Back in the stone age (my era) you could get a yellow, bulky Sony Walkman or more recently “ruggedized” versions of mobile phones that promise to be splash proof. Of course it’s rarely the fully equipped super phone but some dumbphone or a not top of the range smartphone.

But in recent years there have been lots of advances with hydrophobic coating and now its finally available for anybody at a very fair 20 USD per spray can. NeverWet can waterpoof absolutely anything and after watching this video you will be lining up to buy it:

It’s not out yet in Europe as far as I can tell but it won’t be long before every BnQ will be having this on their shelves.

For that price, I think it is well worth the investment to protect your mobile from the next toilet drop or kitesurf session, when you forget about carrying your phone in the boardshorts…

Liam Whaley – Kitesurfing Protégé

Time flies and before you know it there are young riders ripping the waters around you while you still remember their first baby steps in this wonderful sport.
When I was still working as an instructor in Club Mistral in Tarifa, one of my kitesurf students was the super eager Liam who came with his father Peter to learn to kitesurf. I still remember him hopping around attached to a 4m kite asking incessantly “how can I jump?” while he was just done with his bodydrag lesson.
Well done little, impatient jumper 🙂

The female Kitesurf World Champion

While most of the media attention in the PKRA Kitesurfing Championships is focused on the men, we at Always Windy feel that women need to be highlighted more than the men in our sport. This year sees Karolina Winkowska win the PKRA World Champion Freestyle title and watching her latest video, it is easy to see why.

HEL WE GO ! from karolina winkowska on Vimeo.

World Champion Kitesurfers and Playboy Bunnies

Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobson are shown in this video having the time of their lives in a crazy place called Nitro City. It would be better if you do not question the “why” behind all the fooling and try not to ask yourself how this affects kitesurfing in its addition to the olympics, just enjoy the crazy stunts and the Playboy Bunnies.

Gökova – Training ground of the Professional Kitesurfers

Its really not a secret anymore that Gokova is a favourite training ground for the professional kitesurfers. After having Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern, Martin Hogg, Luke Whiteside, Holly Kennedy, Dan Sweeney, Sam Light and many more in our Always Windy top spot, Wainman Kiteboarding sponsored Hannah Whiteley  has also visited our awesome flat water spot. Based in Stockport, Cheshire, the 21 year old is currently ranked 13th in the PKRA and battling it out in Dakhla, Morocco but we are confident that she will be rising in the rankings in no time.

360 Degree View of the Boa Vista Kite Beach

Wind everyday, white sand beach and glassy waves make this an incredible spot for kitesurfing. Check it out:


Boa Vista in Africa

Getting Air in Turkey

The PKRA pro Kiteboarders Stefan Spiessberger and Mike Schitzhofer are getting some nice airtime in with us in Gökova – Turkey!


Turkish Delight

This summer the sponsored rider Laila Puehringer from Austria came to visit us for some kitesurf training. Besides coming to ride nearly everyday, she also had a few days to see the beautiful surrounding area and made this video for you to see.