Are you riding F-One?

If you are, it is finally time for you to join the club of sensible-working-quick-release!
Yes after many years of having to depend on finding a tiny red tab to pull a velcro based quick release, F-One has decided to update their ancient system and now features a push away system which pretty much has become the standard in the kiteboarding industry.

How to update your new Push away quick release on your existing kitebar. from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo.

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Are you wearing a GoPro camera?

It was not so long ago when getting a video of you kitesurfing meant to have somebody standing in shallow water or even on the beach and film you from a distance. But with the emergence of action cams and especially the wide spread success of the GoPro we can film our sessions from various points of view without any assistance.

However, on the search for even better POVs (points of view) more and more people use a variety of mounts for the camera and not always are these safe. Recently a motocross rider drilled a three-foot pole extension into his helmet, attached a GoPro camera to it, then wrenched his neck when the jury-rigged device whacked a tree. An Australian BASE jumper leaped from a ledge in Moab, Utah, did a flip, and released his parachute bridle when the lines wrapped around his chest cam. He fell to his death.

These incidents are not restricted to those sports, it spreads into all sports. The National Ski Areas Association reports that “Helmet cams are less of a problem, but we’ve seen chest-mounted cameras get caught up on chairlift safety bars.”

So can it happen in kitesurfing? Yes it can and it does which I have experienced myself. A popular GoPro mount is the Line Mount where the camera is attached to an “H” shaped mount that sits in between your front lines and is held in place through the tension in your lines. It can produce some incredible shots like this one I took while racing a windsurfer in Dakhla:

[image url=”” title=”Line Mount Kitesurfing” alt=”Line Mount Kitesurfing” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ border=”mediumBorder” lightbox=”” icon=”magnify” iframe=”photo” width=”800″ height=”600″]

But things can go very wrong too. I was using the same setup while wave riding in Mui Ne, Vietnam and on surfing down a wave, the lines of my kite went slack. Since the line mount with the camera is heavy, it started to sag and swing around the lines which got tangled and caught around the camera and the mount. As the kite powered up and tightened the lines again, the kite was bent out of shape and was impossible to steer because one front line was shorter than the other. What was worse, the fifth line was caught in the mess as well so when I was being washed towards some rocks on the shore, I quick released my kite but it kept on flying and pulling although it was only connected to me via the fifth line. I had to release the fifth line too which saved me and trashed the kite on the rocks.

[image url=”” title=”GoPro mounts” alt=”GoPro mounts” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ border=”mediumBorder” lightbox=”” icon=”magnify” iframe=”photo” width=”1050″ height=”368″]

Most other camera mounts that give you a “third person perspective” such as the extension bar by Hypoxic or also the helmet swivel mounts such as the Gospin360 are not so common in kitesurfing but I have seen them being used and I really recommend to be very careful while riding with them. As a kitesurfer we must always be aware that the kite lines and the angle at which we lean away or towards them is constantly changing. Anything protruding from your body can get tangled up in them and can then lead to accidents.

Everybody wants to be a hero and rightly so, after all, our sport is a very visual one and nothing can convey the feeling you have on the water like your own point of view. But it is important not to forget that we are practicing an extreme sport that deals with a lot of power and it is essential to be aware of potential dangers which can arise by adding more equipment to your regular riding gear. Ride safe!

Always Windy in Brazil

This winter season we have decided to give the northern coast of Brazil a go and have a look at some new and not so new kitesurfing spots.

We have already checked off pretty much every lagoon and river mouth starting in Barra Grande straight down to Cumbuco and are now even further south, investigating lesser known areas. We have found a few jewels and also some truths about spots that surprised us which we will soon be writing up in the next few blog posts. Until then, stay tuned for more.

Kannst Du den Frontloop schon?

Mittlerweile zählen unsere Kitesurf Anleitungsvideos zu den populärsten Kitevideos auf Youtube. Da euer Feedback ausserst positiv war haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt in Ayvalik unser neuestes Lehrvideo zu drehen. Diesmal geht es um die Front Rotation:

Hast Du Lust auf mehr? Auf unserer Webseite findest Du noch viele weitere Kitesurf Lehrvideos wo wir Backloops, Toeside Transitions, Load and Pop, Jump Transitions und noch vieles mehr zeigen.

Wenn Du mal auch Kitesurf Unterricht wie in unseren Videos erleben möchtest, schreibe uns doch einfach an und wir schicken Dir gerne mehr Infos zu unseren nächsten Schulungsterminen.

Secret Kitesurf Spot in Ayvalik

If you join us at the new Always Windy Kitesurfing Spot in Ayvalik, we will take you to on a 6km downwinder to the causeway joining the Island Cunda to the mainland. Right behind the causeway, the water is as flat as it gets and you can race and jump all day long with the wind coming in constantly and gust free right over the causeway.

The 2014 North Dyno is Big!

North Dyno 2014

North Kiteboarding is already promoting its new 2014 line up and the Dyno is their lightwind and racing weapon of choice.
The kitesurfing racing scene has seen quite an increase in popularity which is very evident in the increased advertising for huge race boards, large fins and massive kites. One of the first companies to bring out kites that were tailored to the needs of racers was Ozone. Their Ozone Edge is very popular at the race courses and so North is now on the attack with their latest Dyno 2014.

If you watch closely, you will also notice how North did not miss out on showing an Edge working hard to get speed while their Dynos are rock solid in the sky…

Whether that means they acknowledge the dominance of Ozone in that area or whether it is just a cheap shot, you be the judge. Either way, the race is on!

Just another 7m day in Ayvalik, Turkey

Another week of 25+ knots at one of the best kitesurfing spots I have ever been to, Ayvalik. Standing on the beach you can feel the wind but looking out on the water it is hard to believe that it is blowing so hard. In places the water is mirroring my 7m kite!

Kitesurfing with Always Windy: Just another 7m day in Ayvalik from Always Windy on Vimeo.

The female Kitesurf World Champion

While most of the media attention in the PKRA Kitesurfing Championships is focused on the men, we at Always Windy feel that women need to be highlighted more than the men in our sport. This year sees Karolina Winkowska win the PKRA World Champion Freestyle title and watching her latest video, it is easy to see why.

HEL WE GO ! from karolina winkowska on Vimeo.

World Champion Kitesurfers and Playboy Bunnies

Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobson are shown in this video having the time of their lives in a crazy place called Nitro City. It would be better if you do not question the “why” behind all the fooling and try not to ask yourself how this affects kitesurfing in its addition to the olympics, just enjoy the crazy stunts and the Playboy Bunnies.

Gökova – Training ground of the Professional Kitesurfers

Its really not a secret anymore that Gokova is a favourite training ground for the professional kitesurfers. After having Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern, Martin Hogg, Luke Whiteside, Holly Kennedy, Dan Sweeney, Sam Light and many more in our Always Windy top spot, Wainman Kiteboarding sponsored Hannah Whiteley  has also visited our awesome flat water spot. Based in Stockport, Cheshire, the 21 year old is currently ranked 13th in the PKRA and battling it out in Dakhla, Morocco but we are confident that she will be rising in the rankings in no time.