Gokova Budget Kitesurfing Holiday


Unlike other travel agencies around the UK, Always Windy does not sit in an office dreaming of kitesurfing but instead we live at our spot which is why we can offer you the best deals in town.


For the season opening in May we are offering you our 6+1 Night Free special including a reduced airport transfer. That means 1 week in Gokova will cost you only 116 GBP/193 Euro (based on two sharing) including breakfast and airport transfer!


We travel ourselves and don’t want to pay more, so why should you. If you find an offer somewhere for accommodation, airport transfer or rentacars which is cheaper, please let us know and we will try our best to beat that price. So what are you waiting for – get in touch with us and book yourself a great deal on a kitesurfing trip in Turkey.

Cheap flights to Gokova and Ayvalik in Turkey 2014

We all know that planning ahead can save you loads of money when booking a kitesurfing holiday but nobody has the time to be constantly on the lookout for a cheap flight and even then, how do you know when is the best time to grab a ticket? Some studies show that booking 8-6 weeks before the actual flight dates, gives you the best deals for shorter flights and for long haul flights, look to book even earlier. Either way, if your plans are to visit one of our kite spots in Turkey, we recommend you have a look at what the budget airline Fly Pegasus has to offer now. You could easily grab yourself a super cheap and windy kitesurf holiday in Ayvalik or Gokova if you get on it now.

Kannst Du den Frontloop schon?

Mittlerweile zählen unsere Kitesurf Anleitungsvideos zu den populärsten Kitevideos auf Youtube. Da euer Feedback ausserst positiv war haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt in Ayvalik unser neuestes Lehrvideo zu drehen. Diesmal geht es um die Front Rotation:

Hast Du Lust auf mehr? Auf unserer Webseite findest Du noch viele weitere Kitesurf Lehrvideos wo wir Backloops, Toeside Transitions, Load and Pop, Jump Transitions und noch vieles mehr zeigen.

Wenn Du mal auch Kitesurf Unterricht wie in unseren Videos erleben möchtest, schreibe uns doch einfach an und wir schicken Dir gerne mehr Infos zu unseren nächsten Schulungsterminen.

The female Kitesurf World Champion

While most of the media attention in the PKRA Kitesurfing Championships is focused on the men, we at Always Windy feel that women need to be highlighted more than the men in our sport. This year sees Karolina Winkowska win the PKRA World Champion Freestyle title and watching her latest video, it is easy to see why.

HEL WE GO ! from karolina winkowska on Vimeo.


ScottEVest Travel Vest – 50% off International Shipping – 27 March to 01 April 2013

We’ve blogged about the wonders of the ScottEVest before and we NEVER travel without ours!

With up to 25 hidden pockets (depending on the model) we’ve managed to carry an extra 5.5kgs each onto flights with absolutely no problem whatsoever.


So grab yourself this travel essential while the shipping is cheap!

Also see what else you can fit into your ScottEVest:




  • This deal applies only to non-U.S. addresses and lasts from 12:01 AM Greenwich Mean Time March 27th until 12:01 PM GMT on April 1st.  With customers all over the world, this was the best way to set up the dates/times of the sale.
  • The shipping price you see during checkout is the discounted price.  The 50% shipping deduction is taken before the shipping price is displayed, so your shipping cost is the amount that appears during checkout.  This discount applies to shipping costs only: there may be additional duties, tariffs or taxes charged by your country, but we have no control over that.
  • No promo code is required to save 50% off shipping… just check out as usual.  This means that you can use any other promo code you have (daily sale, etc.) to save on the products, and then save on the shipping!

Snowkiting or can you fly?

The summer is gone and the cold days are coming in but that does not mean the fun has to stop. Snowkiting is not only easy to learn but also a fantastic way to expand your kitesurfing skills on a 3D terrain. We will be in Erciyes, Turkey for most of March 2013 and if you have not yet tried it, why not join us this winter? Check it out!

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