New GoPro Hero3

Gopro Hero3 Camera

If there is one camera I use on a regular basis and cannot recommend enough, it’s the GoPro. Many of our kitesurfing videos have been shot on the GoPro and although you do look a little dorky when wearing one attached to your helmet, there is nothing that can give you such a close first person view of kitesurfing as the Gopro. Our popular Virtual Kitesurfing Tour through Gokova is a just such a GoPro video. Now GoPro has released its latest version, the GoPro Hero3. It comes in 3 different configurations and besides offering various full HD video options, it has also been reduced in size, weight and includes wifi connectivity without any additional attachments. This will enable you to use your smartphone as a viewfinder using the GoPro app. As always, GoPro has not missed the opportunity to showcase the stunning images this camera can take by making a fantastic action video:


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