Megaloop over the pier at Balneario in Tarifa

Back in 2011 Ruben Lenten jumped the pier in Tarifa that separates the Atlantic from the Mediterranean, something that does not only require balls of steel but also the right kind of Levante wind. Even then, he had one very close call where he did not manage to clear it completely and nearly ended up on a stretcher. But this is the mega god of megaloops and after casually having kicked cancer in the ass, he decided to go back to do what he was born to do: Megaloop over the pier!

I cannot begin to describe how crazy that is and in how many ways this could have gone wrong, yet he just pops one right over the pier and then continues on his trip to the next destination. You know, as if it is no big deal, at all. What a super star!


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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    This kind of stuff is just nuts and totally blows my mind every time – the best thing is that it’s powered only by our own human understanding of the wind – not a greenhouse gas emitting machine in sight! This is the true capability of humans and people who love sport – so inspiring and something everyone needs to see!

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