Webcam and Weatherstation

We are currently working on installing our own live stream in HD via YouTube but for the time being you can use the Webcam from Tilegrafos. The Tilegrafos restaurant is located on the Agios Ioannis beach which usually gets the first thermal wind in the early afternoon.

As the afternoon progresses, the thermal wind will pick up on all the beaches further North, such as the Wooden Bridge and the Kite Lagoon. You can expect to be riding on your 9m and 12m kites on most days and the difference in wind between Agios Ioannis and the other spots is usually around 3-5 knots.

Weather Station

Below you can see the weather station provided by the National Observatory of Athens and hosted by K&G Med. Marinas Management S.A.

Ideal wind directions for the thermal acceleration are West, North West and North. The wind speed is measured close to Agios Ioannis and does NOT include the thermal acceleration. This means when the windspeed reads around 20km/h, you will be riding with around 15-18 knots of wind. On average, you can expect to be riding 12m and 9m kites most days, depending which of the 5 spots you choose and during what time of day.