Lefkada Spot Guide: The Wooden Bridge

When we first laid eyes on Lefkada and its surrounding coastline, this little piece of flat water heaven immediately caught our attention. Sheltered by a man made reef, you have a massive flat water area with the most incredible colors. The wind thermally accelerates through the day and hits the beach at a side-onshore angle, so you have all the space to play.

Sounds good? Well there is even more! Further downwind is a tiny island that consists of barely more than an elongated sandbank. Right on the tip is a tiny chapel, which is how this spot got its nickname: The Church. Here the water is shallow and being right behind the sandbank, the water resembles a sheet of glass!

To get to this absolute top kitesurfing beach, you need to drive just a few minutes from either Lefkada town or Agios Nikolaos, as it sits right in between all the other spots. You can park your car on the gravel road and then access the beach via a wooden bridge (hence the name). It is also just a short downwinder from here to the kite lagoon and main beach in Agios Nikolaos.

The wind in Lefkada is mainly thermal, and the further North you go, the weaker the thermal gets. On an average day when you will be on a 9m kite in Milos beach (located on the island of Lefkada) you can expect this spot to be a few knots weaker, good for 9 and 12m kites.

This is a public beach but since it is a bit off the beaten track, you won´t see many sunbathers or kiters here. However there are no dedicated zones or entry points, so if you do see swimmers or sunbathers, be respectful and just rig up and ride further downwind, towards the Church.


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