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Free kitesurf lessons when you are not on the water!

Instructional Videos

Always Windy students know that a good kitesurfing lesson does not finish on the water but also requires training when on dry land. As part of our advanced lessons such as the Next Steps courses and Clinics, we use our instructional videos to explain complex moves in a simple and concise way.


The Transition

This will be your first kitesurfing move, a simple change of direction.

The Toeside Transition

The Toeside transition is a simple step following the regular transition.

Pop to Toeside

After learning the Toeside transistion you can add a little style to your new move with by popping to toeside.

Riding Toeside

Riding toeside is a nice easy addition to regular riding. Riding toeside also improves your overall kitesurfing balance and will help to land tricks in the future.

Load and Pop

Load and Pop is the gateway to all jump related kitesurfing tricks. Once you can load and pop you will enter into a whole new learning curve.

The Jump Transition

The Jump transition will become a staple move. Be sure to check out the Load and Pop video too as it is essential to master it before you can start the jump transition.

The Backloop

The backloop or backroll is the most common rotational kitesurfing move and is your stepping stone to a whole new world of tricks on the water. Once you master the basics you can easily add various grabs, incorporate the backloop into jump transitions and so much more.

In this video we will show you how to do a backloop without kite assistance. This means your kite will stay at 45 degrees though out the whole move.

The Kite Leash

This video will explain why it is important to have the kite leash attached to the front of your kiteboarding harness.

The Frontloop

While the Backloop is your staple rotation in kitesurfing, many struggle to master the frontloop.

How to self land your kite

We have all been there: You just came back from a session and there is nobody around to land your kite. This is something you should only attempt if there is no qualified landing assistant around and if you already are an advanced rider.

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