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  • Boa Vista, Cape Verde

  • Bahia Beach, 10 mins walk from our apartments

  • Punto Antonio Beach - Side on-shore winds

  • Bahia Beach

  • Happy Always Windy Coaching Client

  • Flat water training lagoon

  • 4x4 Excursion to other spots

  • Bahia Beach

  • Successful day at Punto Antonio with our kite clinic guests

Waves and flat water without the crowds

Boa Vista Kite Clinic


Tired of mowing the lawn? Or want to jump higher?

If you are looking to improve your kiting skills then do not wait any longer, join our Kite Clinic in Boa Vista!

Where is it?

The island is located in Cape Verde, the perfect winter getaway destination, that is only a 5 hour flight away. It offers a variety of excellent spots with long rolling waves, flat water for freestyle, shallow training lagoons and reliable, constant wind.

Boa Vista Kitesurf Clinics


Initially we had set dates for our kite clinics however, due to varying flight dates from different countries and us extending our stay, we have decided to make the clinic dates flexible around these dates. Simply send us your flight dates and we can arrange a 1 or 2 week clinic for your stay.

How does it work?

An Always Windy Kite Clinic combines coaching and high speed video analysis to make you progress to a much higher level than you had before, with a lot less pain and time than if you were to learn by yourself. We teach in small groups of a maximum of 6 people which guarantees an intense level of quality tuition. If you have seen our highly acclaimed instructional videos, you know what to expect.

Day1: The week starts off with your first day riding and getting your mojo back while we film you and assess your skills. In the evening we will be analysing your footage on a projector and set your goals for the week.

Day2: The second day will be a coaching day where using video, we will build and improve the basic building blocks for the moves that you wish to land during your clinic. In the evening we will be kicking back with a cold beer and enjoying the footage of the day, while analysing what to improve on the next day.

Day3: The third day we will take a 4×4 and check out some of the other spots. On this training day we will work on what has been discussed the day before and will be riding with you as well as filming you, always available for the small tip that makes landing the trick that much easier. The day will end with a long downwinder to the hotel, conditions permitting.

Day4: The second coaching day starts with a morning meeting where we go through the footage of the previous day and set new goals for the upcoming coaching session. We will be filming to help you learn quickly and easily.

Day5: Another training day, starting off with a morning meeting where we set your focus on what you need to work on during this session. We will be riding and filming you, always there to help you with tips and tricks. In the evening we will go through the footage of the day on the big screen while analysing what to improve on the next day.

Day6: The third coaching day will see more filming and radio teaching and will end off with a nice dinner and more video analysis.

Day7: The final training day – time to shine and get that final video and photo footage to take home and show around!

If you stay for a second week we will extend the program to cover both weeks, should you wish, or of course you can freeride and show off all those new moves!

What does it cost?

  • 1 week clinic will cost 390 GBP or 500 Euros, excl. flight and accommodation
  • 2 week clinic will cost 590 GBP or 750 Euros, excl. flight and accommodation
  • Accommodation for 2 sharing at our self catering Apartments 171 GBP or 211 Euros, per week, per person incl. breakfast

Please contact us for further accommodation options.

Special offer

If you bring a friend to the clinic, you will receive a 20% discount on your clinic week! (tuition only)


Send us a short email with your prefered dates as soon as possible. Our places are limited!