KB4Girls and Always Windy in Gokova Bay, Turkey

The KB4Girls Foundation’s mission is to empower girls and women through the sport of kiteboarding. Our goal is to give females around the world a platform in the sport, help them to take up the sport, improve their kiting skills and even get to a competitive level. Through our events and through the KB4girls local chapters we want to further the motivation, self-confidence and courage of the participants and through fundraising we support women in need around the world.

Key Objectives:

1. Bringing together females of all ages, social groups and riding levels.
2. Helping to create local communities to support female athletes.
3. Raising funds for women in need around the world.
4. Raising awareness about environmental impact on oceans and beaches and contributing to the cause.
5. Generating interest and awareness in the sport and being proactive in our approach towards its growth.

Sarah started coaching with KB4Girls in 2011, when Kristin Boese came to Gokova Bay and ran the first Global event in Turkey.

Since then Sarah has become a KB4Girls Ambassador running the Gokova Bay, Turkey, Chapter events.

Events are run every month from May to September and are, of course, totally free!

For all event dates and details please visit the KB4Girls Turkey Chapter page, or if you are on the beach visit Orange Kiteboarding, the only school in the Bay 100% owned and run by women!

KB4 Girls runs on set dates and if you would like to join, send us a quick email for the exact dates and location.