The Wind

When is it windy?

The wind blows from end of April with about 75% wind probability, however from June to the end of September there are very few windless days giving approximately 99% probability during these months! Even the beginning of October can prove reliable, however in this month we do see the wind decline.

How strong is it?

A light sea breeze starts around 9am and accelerates to around 15-20 knots by mid-day as the air temperature increases. As a purely thermal wind, the strength decreases as the sun starts coming down, so your kite day usually ends around 5-7pm.

Why is it Always Windy?

In the famous words of Lewis Crathern: “Anyone who doesn’t know how a seabreeze works should visit here for the clearest example I have ever seen.”

Gökova is so reliable because of the temperature difference between the dark, agricultural surrounding land and the cool river water flowing into the bay. This creates a particularly strong seabreeze and since the valley of Gökova is 14km long, an added Venturi effect accelerates this wind further.

Is it Gusty?


In Turkey we have the Meltemi, or meltem (Turkish) wind. It is the strong, dry north wind of the Aegean Sea, which blows from about mid-May to mid-September.

However, the Meltemi is not always 100% reliable and this is where Gokova Bay, shines. Due to its unique location in the middle of a deep valley facing to the west, even when the Meltemi is not blowing, the mountains surrounding the bay heat up in the summer sun and create a wonderfully constant, reliable thermal wind. In fact, the direction of Gokova Bay hinders the Meltemi’s smooth entrance into the Bay, therefore the wind we kite in here is a much smoother version of the Meltemi, combined with the regular thermal wind created locally in the bay.

Can I rely on Windguru?


Keep in mind that this is a thermal location and therefore Windguru will not give you a precise forecast. As a rule of thumb, if it’s sunny it’s Always Windy!