The Kite Spot

How much space is there?

With a width of 3Km and shallow water for 150m out, the bay is suitable for all levels of riders and will give you loads of space to learn kitesurfing. To give you a better perspective of the size of the bay watch our first person view video of the bay while using a GPS route to visualize your position as you kite from one end to the other.

Is it shallow?

The bay is actually a river delta and for the first 150 meters you can stand everywhere. As an added bonus, the river water mixes with the sea water and as a result, the water is no where near as salty as you would expect from ocean water.

Since it is shallow, you will have no waves to battle with during your lessons and for the advanced riders, the freestyle area to the left of the kite schools offers glass like conditions.

How far is it from the town?

The beach is a 15 minute walk from Akyaka and it is also accessible by car (approx. 15 minute drive).

If you store you equipment at our kite station then you can usually also avoid getting a hire car.

Are there facilities at the beach?

There is an area designated for sunbathers and swimmers and facilities include toilets, showers and a restaurant. We also offer kit storage, a compressor and ADSL Wifi for Always Windy guests under the chillout tent at our beach station.

Is there a beach fee?

The local beach management is charging an entrance fee of 30 Turkish Lira per day. However depending on the day, you might not be asked to pay due to the rather lax gate control.


Below is a map to give you an idea of how to get from the town to the kite beach.