Next Steps

(BKSA Coaching Level or IKO Level 3N+)

You’ve covered the basics, can ride solidly up wind and do transitions but find yourself a little bored of ‘mowing the lawn’.  How about riding toeside? or trying your first jumps? Then it’s time for the Next Steps!

We adapt this course to each spot that we work in so for example, in Fuerteventura we offer a slightly different version of this course called the advanced course, due to the nature of the spot.

How long is the course?

Next Steps gives you 1 hour of semi private coaching a day for 5 days.

However your lesson does not end on the water, we also use high speed video analysis which we will talk you through each evening ready for the next day’s session.

All photos and video footage we take on your Next Steps course is yours to take away with you at the end of the week.




What will I learn?

The week will start with a nice easy session getting you back into the swing of riding (if it has been a while) and video analysis of your current ability.

The area’s we will cover on this course are:

Transitions and transition variations (changing direction without stopping)

Riding toe side (also know as switch or fakey)

Jump theory and your first jumps

Rules of the water and self rescue (if not covered previously)

Front and Back rolls

And much more should you progress quickly!

Using High Speed Video analysis throughout the week, as well as radios, we are able to instruct you right at the moment you need it. We will also ride with you continually showing you the moves to help you visual and learn using a ‘copy cat’ method.

If you come with realistic goals you will not leave disappointed, seeing a real progression in your riding and building strong foundations to move on to our Advanced Clinics!


You must have your own equipment and be able to ride solidly upwind. Commitment to the sport is essential at this stage and having your own equipment will see you progressing more quickly. If you do not have the right size kite for the conditions, during your lesson, we will fill in the gaps.

We also offer a special Next Steps package deal that includes kit rental for the whole week. Send us a quick email and we can send you the details.