Boardstarts & Beyond

(BKSA Level 2 Part 4 / IKO Level 3L)

If you had lessons a year ago and haven’t been in the water since, but you’re still keen to learn, Boardstarts & Beyond will give you your confidence back with the kite and see you up and riding and mastering new moves.

Boardstarts & Beyond can be booked with or without equipment depending on whether you have or haven’t taken the plunge and bought your own yet. However if you do not have the right size kite for the conditions during your lesson, we will fill in the gaps.

We adapt this course to each spot that we work in so for example, in Fuerteventura we offer a slightly different version of this course called the intermediate course, due to the nature of the spot.

How long is the Course?

Boardstarts & Beyond gives you a total of 5 hours tuition and 5 hours kit hire if you have booked the course including equipment. You will receive your tuition over 3 days and can be divided up to suit your requirements and energy levels!

What will I learn?

During your first lesson we will recap over safety, water re-launch and self-rescue to ensure that there are no gaps in your knowledge. We will concentrate on boardstarts to get you up and riding, on your stance to see you riding up wind and transitions to add some style to your riding.

At this stage of your learning practice is essential so as soon as your Instructor feels you are safe to be out there on your own, your kit hire hours will start, for those who booked including equipment.

Once you are up and riding a we will use radio helmets so that we are with you every step of the way.


You have completed a Beginner course up to BKSA Level 2 Part 2 (IKO Level 2I) and the course must have been completed no more than 12 months ago.

The Boardstarts & Beyond course can be adapted to your requirements and we have special package deals that extend the course with rental hours to complete your weeks stay. Contact us for a quick quote.