(BKSA Level 2 Part 2 or IKO Level 2I)

If you’ve ever fancied learning to kiteboard then this is the course for you! A certain amount of fitness, along with confidence in the water and an ability to swim is important for you to fully enjoy the learning experience but you can leave the brute strength at home!

One of the most common questions we get asked is “do I have to have strong arms?” The answer is no, not to begin with, as all the power of the kite is taken through the harness around your waist and seat.

The majority of our lessons are taught in groups of no more than 2 students. Group tuition is a fantastic way to learn; you and your companion will watch each other go through the learning process, enabling you to correct yourself quickly and help each other progress. Of course if you prefer one-to-one tuition from the start we can tailor a package to suit.

We have taught clients from the age of 6 to 60 so come on, give it a go!

How long is the course?

The course length varies depending on where you decide to join us. Every spot has different conditions and in order to accommodate those, we adapt the courses accordingly. Gokova is a very easy spot to learn to kitesurf and as such we can usually finish the course in during 3 days and it consists of 9 hours of tuition. In Brazil the course consists of 10 hours of tuition spread over a week. In Essaouira it is 12 hours and in Mui Ne its 9-12 hours, depending on the package. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our lessons.

One of our main advantages over other schools is that starting from the bodydrag level, you will be on your own kite (no kit sharing). That not only means you will have more time working on your kite control but that you will finish your course in less time than anywhere else.

What will I learn?

Your lesson will start with the theory of basic kite piloting and most importantly safety. Then we will move onto the power kite, a small trainer kite with little power, flown on the beach. This will enable you to gain good kite control and confidence, an understanding of the wind window and get you excited about the next step! (approximately 2 hrs).

Now it’s time to get your hands on a powerful water kite! Learning to set up a semi-inflatable kite correctly and safely is very important. We will take some time showing you around the kite, bar and lines plus safety systems in a nice and easy way to remember what to attach where!

Time to hit the water! First we will repeat the power kite moves, from the beach session, with the semi-inflatable kite so that you can feel the difference in movement and power.

Next is body dragging; body dragging is a lot of fun, so be warned you will swallow a lot of water laughing! By dragging yourself through the water on your front you will gain more confidence and understanding of the kite, as well as one handed piloting practice preparing you for Board Starts (approximately 2 hrs).

The moment you have been waiting for! Boardstarts are possibly the most challenging part of learning to kiteboard but also the most rewarding! Once you start riding we will start to use radio helmets, enabling us to be with you all the way across the bay!

This section of course is approximately 4 hours, giving you plenty of time to get up and riding before the end of your course.

We also offer special deals consisting of a complete course and a rental package. Send us a quick email and we will be happy to send you all the details.