Progression Kiteboarding filming in Lefkada

The last 2 weeks we had the pleasure of hosting Rob Claisse, Oli Sweeney and Danny Morrice at our new homespot in Lefkada. They spent two windy weeks shooting for the Progression App which is free to download for iOS and Android. During their 2 weeks with us, they were focusing on foilboarding techniques and also updating the backroll instructionals.

Watching both of these pro riders do the same moves over and over while Rob painstakingly juggles filming from every conceivable angle via his cameras on the beach, Gopros on the kite lines and of course some drone footage via a DJI Mavic Pro, just shows how much work goes into making solid and coherent kitesurf instructionals.

Unlike what most people think, the most difficult part is to film the common mistakes. While these are extremely helpful in understanding your own errors, for a pro rider it is quite a difficult process to unlearn certain moves that have passed over into muscle memory and then to make these errors in a natural, non forced manner. If you have seen any of our instructional videos, you will often be able to spy facial grimaces of Sarah, just before she impacts the water. Crashing unintentionally and knowing what is about to hit you is quite a difference!

Since I had the chance to start foilboarding, I have even more admiration for Danny who had to crash over and over again on his foil which is by far the most painful thing to watch (although it can be quite funny too 😉 ).

So keep a look out for the new additions to the Progression app during this season and learn how to progress your kiteboarding skills.