Aaron Hadlow is back where he belongs


This championship seems all but decided for Liam Whaley and while I wish him to win it (after all, he is an ex student of mine) I also want the kitesurf legend Aaron Hadlow to shine again. He won the freestyle title 5 times and although this time it is very unlikely that he can add a 6th title to his curriculum, I want him to see the podium if only to prove that he still has got it and that youth is not everything you need to kick ass.

New Kitesurf Instructional: The Downloop Transition

Downloop Transition

Have you ever been in a situation where you were riding towards the beach and are ready to do your transition only to find a rider right behind you, as if expecting you to ride straight onto the beach? Then watch our latest instructional video which covers the downloop transition. This will be your first step into the world of kiteloops and will also allow you to do a transition even with no space behind you.

F-ONE 2016: Color your Ride!


Yes it is that time of year again when all major kite brands start to showcase their latest products and nobody does this better than F-One. Their videos are a kitesurf highlight and always bring a smile on my face. Whether it’s the magic water ballet of Mitu or incredible wave riding in Mauritius, the F-One videos are hard to beat for pure eye candy value. While the team riders have been changing over the years some things stay the same. This year sees a few new faces which still include the “token” female rider – something we would like to increase to maybe a better male to female ratio one day #moregirlsonthewaterplease.. But other than that, watch and drool.

Alwayswindy Moments: Easy as

This Alwayswindy Moment is a short video that highlights how easy some tricks can seem when you nail the technique.