The E-Foil is coming

It seems foiling has taken the kitesurf world by storm and no competitive racer would even try riding without one anymore. So what makes this extra cumbersome pole and inverted wing so interesting?

It is an extremely power efficient way of travelling over water since it eliminates nearly all of the drag that a regular water vessel creates. If you have ever been on a motorboat you will have probably noticed how at low speeds, the boat will push through the water, displacing it and creating relatively large waves. If you then speed up, the same boat will lift out of the water and start to glide with a lot less drag, displacing much less water.

This of course is all fine until you hit waves which makes your relaxing motorboat ride into quite a bumpy experience. This is where a hydrofoil comes in and makes gliding over the water effortless again since it lifts the whole vessel out of the water, making you feel like you are gliding again.

So then pair this efficiency up with an electric motor and you get the E-Foil.


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Are you wearing a GoPro camera?

It was not so long ago when getting a video of you kitesurfing meant to have somebody standing in shallow water or even on the beach and film you from a distance. But with the emergence of action cams and especially the wide spread success of the GoPro we can film our sessions from various points of view without any assistance.

However, on the search for even better POVs (points of view) more and more people use a variety of mounts for the camera and not always are these safe. Recently a motocross rider drilled a three-foot pole extension into his helmet, attached a GoPro camera to it, then wrenched his neck when the jury-rigged device whacked a tree. An Australian BASE jumper leaped from a ledge in Moab, Utah, did a flip, and released his parachute bridle when the lines wrapped around his chest cam. He fell to his death.

These incidents are not restricted to those sports, it spreads into all sports. The National Ski Areas Association reports that “Helmet cams are less of a problem, but we’ve seen chest-mounted cameras get caught up on chairlift safety bars.”

So can it happen in kitesurfing? Yes it can and it does which I have experienced myself. A popular GoPro mount is the Line Mount where the camera is attached to an “H” shaped mount that sits in between your front lines and is held in place through the tension in your lines. It can produce some incredible shots like this one I took while racing a windsurfer in Dakhla:

[image url=”” title=”Line Mount Kitesurfing” alt=”Line Mount Kitesurfing” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ border=”mediumBorder” lightbox=”” icon=”magnify” iframe=”photo” width=”800″ height=”600″]

But things can go very wrong too. I was using the same setup while wave riding in Mui Ne, Vietnam and on surfing down a wave, the lines of my kite went slack. Since the line mount with the camera is heavy, it started to sag and swing around the lines which got tangled and caught around the camera and the mount. As the kite powered up and tightened the lines again, the kite was bent out of shape and was impossible to steer because one front line was shorter than the other. What was worse, the fifth line was caught in the mess as well so when I was being washed towards some rocks on the shore, I quick released my kite but it kept on flying and pulling although it was only connected to me via the fifth line. I had to release the fifth line too which saved me and trashed the kite on the rocks.

[image url=”” title=”GoPro mounts” alt=”GoPro mounts” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ border=”mediumBorder” lightbox=”” icon=”magnify” iframe=”photo” width=”1050″ height=”368″]

Most other camera mounts that give you a “third person perspective” such as the extension bar by Hypoxic or also the helmet swivel mounts such as the Gospin360 are not so common in kitesurfing but I have seen them being used and I really recommend to be very careful while riding with them. As a kitesurfer we must always be aware that the kite lines and the angle at which we lean away or towards them is constantly changing. Anything protruding from your body can get tangled up in them and can then lead to accidents.

Everybody wants to be a hero and rightly so, after all, our sport is a very visual one and nothing can convey the feeling you have on the water like your own point of view. But it is important not to forget that we are practicing an extreme sport that deals with a lot of power and it is essential to be aware of potential dangers which can arise by adding more equipment to your regular riding gear. Ride safe!

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Save your Gadgets from Water while Kitesurfing

We have all been there before – you are at the beach and things simply get wet. Not a problem until your phone or the GoPro gets wet and all the rice in the world can’t save it from sea salt happily corroding the electronics and sending you off to by a new, expensive replacement.

Back in the stone age (my era) you could get a yellow, bulky Sony Walkman or more recently “ruggedized” versions of mobile phones that promise to be splash proof. Of course it’s rarely the fully equipped super phone but some dumbphone or a not top of the range smartphone.

But in recent years there have been lots of advances with hydrophobic coating and now its finally available for anybody at a very fair 20 USD per spray can. NeverWet can waterpoof absolutely anything and after watching this video you will be lining up to buy it:

It’s not out yet in Europe as far as I can tell but it won’t be long before every BnQ will be having this on their shelves.

For that price, I think it is well worth the investment to protect your mobile from the next toilet drop or kitesurf session, when you forget about carrying your phone in the boardshorts…

The Wave Garden

If you have been dabbling with surfing waves, you will know that finding the perfect conditions for learning is sometimes even harder than finding a windy kitesurfing destination. Wave Garden is here to change that. The artificial wave is approximately 1.20metres (4.25 feet) in face-height providing clean barreling rides of 20 seconds duration that do not lose power or shape during the course of their travel. The technology is designed to generate 120 waves per hour with an average power of 270 kW. The technology has been proven through advanced simulation modeling to be capable of making waves of any size and length, depending on the size of the lagoon. Read more about it here.


The Always Windy Shop is Online

Looking for the perfect kitesurfing gear for your holiday? Now you can buy our Always Windy rashvests straight from the website for a bargain price and to we including free shipping to the UK!

Brush Boarding

If theres no wave to surf on, then try a brush instead!


Go out and play

Damien Leroy is a professional kitesurfer and surfer. Watch this video and let that smile win you over to go out and have some fun!


Waterlust – A Film about Women in WaterWasserlust – Ein Film ueber Frauen im Wasser

A short film by Paula Marinkovic & Alexandra Menk starring Melissa Gil, Diana Salom, and Kalia Aguera. Get a glimpse into the aquatic lifestyle of these amazing women!

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Just when you thought that there is nothing new on the water and that you have seen it all, you get suprised by this absolutely crazy video of a group of wakeboarders on hydrofoils. Dont miss this one!

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