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Riding on Glas

What is it that makes riding on absolutely glassy water so addictive? That is a question Aaron Hadlows latest video called Reflections, will make you ask yourself. Of course the lagoon in Sicily really is fantastic but unlike the video, it is starting to get very busy during the main months. But there has to be more […]


Drone Surfing

If you happen to have a really expensive camera drone lying around and can´t think of anything else to do with it, why not attach a wakeboard rope and bar to it and go out for a wakeskate session! Before you get any idea though, this is not a cheap DJI Phantom drone – its […]

The North Click Bar – Will you know how to fix it?

So it´s out, the “Real Game Changer” from North Kiteboarding and judging by the social media and various forum comments, it is creating quite a commotion. While there are many that applaud North for pushing innovation in our sport, others think this is all going a bit too far. It seems as if we will […]

The Game Changer from North Kiteboarding is Here

Last month I wrote about how the depower systems on all bars are a bit of a crutch and would be the next thing that kitesurfing companies will be looking into changing. Now North has finally spilled the beans and released the Click Bar. As most of you, I have my reservations on how this […]

El Gouna IKA World Kiteboarding Championship 2016

It´s confusing to say the least but whatever championship you wish to follow, effectively what counts is which riders are in it. By the looks of it, the IKA is the one that will be considered to be the one to follow and if Aaron is in it, I´m fine following it too. Even Lewis […]

What happened at the King of the Air 2016?

With the current disaster of the KTA and ex PKRA and VKWC, the only kitesurfing competition that makes a splash these days is the Red Bull King of the Air. This year we saw Aaron Hadlow take his second win back to back who’s solid megaloop handlepasses proved once again why he won the world […]

Swapping brands like underwear

There was a time when you could associate most top riders with a particular brand. Think of Ruben and Slingshot, Jaime and North, Gisela and Airush and many more. But little by little, riders started swapping their brands not so much based on the kite preferences but on the associated pay check. And while this from […]