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Kiteboarding in Greece is something special

Once again my ex student Liam Whaley is doing what we all would prefer to do – discover new and fantastic kitespots. So this time he came over to visit us in Greece and shoot an episode of his Cloud 9 series and I think you will agree, this is a fantastic place to come kiting […]

PIQ and North working on the Jaime Kiteboard of the future

During the last years we have seen more tech gadgets enter the world of kiteboarding but who would have thought that one day we will plugging a USB cable into a kiteboard! North and PIQ are now working on integrating their excellent kiteboarding tracker (which we reviewed here) into the Jaime kiteboard. It really is […]

Board Off Megaloop – Whaaaat?

Many years back when kites were still 4 line monsters with zero depower, there was a joke thread in the Hangloose.nl kitesurf forum which had a Photoshopped image of a kiter doing a board off while kitelooping. It was just a joke, nobody could pull that off and most definitely not with those old kites but fast […]

PIQ and Everlast go for a knock out

We have been using the PIQ sensor for kiteboarding for a few months now and really like it. The precision is second to none and with its polished app you get a very good idea how high your jumps were and how to improve on your freestyle tricks. Now PIQ has announced its partnership with […]

Kiteboarding in Canada

Yes it´s not the Caribbean and you need a good wetsuit but if you can live with that, Canada has some beautiful spots to offer. Among those are the Magdalen Islands which are as far east as you can go in Canada. This archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence offers an abundant range of landscapes and […]

The other 1% Kitesurfing

The thing with kitesurfing videos is that they let you dream a bit, escape from your everyday life. Imagining for just a few minutes, what it would be like to do nothing but live life in boardshorts or a bikini and just kite. It´s a fantasy that seemingly you only get to live either as […]

Windturbines attached to Kites?

Not the kind of wind turbines you think though but yes, we are talking real kite-power in order to create electricity. One of the world’s first non-experimental, kite-driven power stations will be established offshore in Southern Scotland, at the Ministry of Defence’s West Freugh Range near Stranraer. UK company Kite Power Solutions plans to install a 500 […]