Another flat water spot? Yes indeed!

After all these years of kiting (I started in 2004!) there is one thing that has not changed: The thrill and excitement when discovering a new spot. If you have ever been infected by the wind bug, you will know it’s one of those things that you just cannot shake off. You watch a movie and in the background there might be a palm tree dancing its booty off and all your attention just goes straight out of the window and you will probably be asking yourself if it’s a good place to kite and how to get there.

As you might have guessed by the title of this post, it happened to me again and in a very “techy” kind of way. You see, yesterday I was kiting at Ioannis and we had some good 9m weather, so I decided to use my PIQ tracker to log my jumps. When I came off the water, I started looking around the leader board for Greece to see where I was ranking and that’s where I saw a killer 21.4m jump. The PIQ app also logs the location of each session so I started digging a bit to see where this was  because a jump like that requires well above 25 knots of wind and ideally some flat water for a good take off. Since we keep a close track on the wind and stats for Lefkada, I was keen to find out where the wind would accelerate so much more when during the same day, we only had 18-20 knots.

So similar to the movie “Lion” I started my Google Earth search and found an amazing river estuary with sandbanks, huge open, flat water lagoons and a nice sandy beach on the ocean side with side onshore waves. In fact, the setup looks very similar to Gökova in Turkey, where the temperature difference between the rivers and the ocean plus the hot agricultural fields surrounding the river, create a perfect thermal wind. Here are a few photos to give you an idea…

Ok, I hear you, where is it? Well that is the best part – its only an hour and 45 minutes from Lefkada! Of course we will be checking this new spot out and keep an eye on its reliability during the next couple of months. Should it prove itself to be as reliable as we think it could be then we will start to offer day trips to this awesome new kite spot. Stay tuned for more where it is Alwayswindy.