An Alwayswindy Kitesurf Student wins the PKRA Brazil

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Liam Whaley, the young gun from Spain has managed to get first place on the podium in Barra Grande, Brazil. Sarah and I were there only last winter and the spot that was used for the competition truly is challenging. The water is choppy nearly all the time (except on low tide) and the wind was mainly for 7m – 9m kites. But even so, Liam, who I taught to ride upwind when he was still only 9 years old, has managed to beat the two times world champion Youri Zoon. Liam and is now ranked second overall. Although the current leader Christophe Tack still has a comfortable lead, there are two more stops in the tour left and boy am I hoping to be able to write about having taught a world champion![spacer height=”20″ mobile_hide=”true”]

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