Red Bull KOTA Entries for 2019

There is no doubt that the most spectacular kitesurf event is the Red Bull King of the Air in Capetown. This years entries are all showing that super high kiteloops with late backrolls are just not good enough anymore, no, you now have to add board offs into our trick box too.


Megaloop over the pier at Balneario in Tarifa

Back in 2011 Ruben Lenten jumped the pier in Tarifa that separates the Atlantic from the Mediterranean, something that does not only require balls of steel but also the right kind of Levante wind. Even then, he had one very close call where he did not manage to clear it completely and nearly ended up on a stretcher. But this is the mega god of megaloops and after casually having kicked cancer in the ass, he decided to go back to do what he was born to do: Megaloop over the pier!

I cannot begin to describe how crazy that is and in how many ways this could have gone wrong, yet he just pops one right over the pier and then continues on his trip to the next destination. You know, as if it is no big deal, at all. What a super star!

Kiteloops on Land: Taming the Beast

While for most kitesurfers the mere thought of pulling the trigger gets their hearts racing, these boys are on a different level. Coming down from a missed kiteloop can hurt and we all know how hard water gets when you impact it like a dinosaur-killing-asteroid. But now imagine the same scenario but swap the water with land! Yes these guys have some massive brass Lent10 class balls!