Kiteboarding in Greece is something special

Once again my ex student Liam Whaley is doing what we all would prefer to do – discover new and fantastic kitespots. So this time he came over to visit us in Greece and shoot an episode of his Cloud 9 series and I think you will agree, this is a fantastic place to come kiting in.

PIQ and North working on the Jaime Kiteboard of the future

During the last years we have seen more tech gadgets enter the world of kiteboarding but who would have thought that one day we will plugging a USB cable into a kiteboard! North and PIQ are now working on integrating their excellent kiteboarding tracker (which we reviewed here) into the Jaime kiteboard. It really is a logical step forward and will hopefully develop into even more useful tech integration such as an integrated GPS sensor that could also allow you to track your lost board. Welcome to the future!