Board Off Megaloop – Whaaaat?

Many years back when kites were still 4 line monsters with zero depower, there was a joke thread in the kitesurf forum which had a Photoshopped image of a kiter doing a board off while kitelooping. It was just a joke, nobody could pull that off and most definitely not with those old kites but fast forward many years and not only have the kites improved but the balls on some riders have become very large!

For the Red Bull King of the Air 2017, we can expect to see Graham Howes who is not only a really skilled rider but also quite insane. Right at the end of the video he attempts this mad trick and although he does not stick the landing I think we will see him try it at the competition.

PIQ and Everlast go for a knock out

We have been using the PIQ sensor for kiteboarding for a few months now and really like it. The precision is second to none and with its polished app you get a very good idea how high your jumps were and how to improve on your freestyle tricks.

Now PIQ has announced its partnership with another heavy weight (pun intended) – Everlast. They have been synonymous with boxing for over a century and using the same PIQ hardware that we use for kiteboarding, it will enable boxers to analyse and improve their training efforts.

Head over to Engadget to see the PIQ sensor in action at the CES 2017 show.