The other 1% Kitesurfing

The thing with kitesurfing videos is that they let you dream a bit, escape from your everyday life. Imagining for just a few minutes, what it would be like to do nothing but live life in boardshorts or a bikini and just kite.

It´s a fantasy that seemingly you only get to live either as a teenager/20 something year old, flush with cash from mommy and daddy Bank Inc. or once you are retired, too old to pull those tricks and jumps you were dreaming about while sitting behind you desk.

Ah but you can top even that! Manu de Pfyffer uploaded this dream trip where you go to kitesurf, in a private jet non the less, rock onto a huge motor yacht, pull some crazy mobes, play around with expensive diving gadgets, jetski on those windless days and more. You know, your everyday dream life. Enjoy (or suffer, depends how you look at it 😉 )