Windturbines attached to Kites?

Not the kind of wind turbines you think though but yes, we are talking real kite-power in order to create electricity. One of the world’s first non-experimental, kite-driven power stations will be established offshore in Southern Scotland, at the Ministry of Defence’s West Freugh Range near Stranraer. UK company Kite Power Solutions plans to install a 500 kilowatt system that it expects will generate ‘several hundred megawatts’ of energy by 2025, Independent reports.

The very smart solution works like a combination of para-glider and wind turbine, all in one. When there is plenty of wind, the kites which are hooked up in tandem and fly computer controlled patterns, pull on their mooring which turns a winch that in turn creates electricity. Two kites alternately rising and falling ensures continuous power and when there is not enough wind, a small motor on each kite keeps them afloat, similar to a motorized paraglider.

A single 40-meter-wide kite generates two to three megawatts of electricity and a field of roughly 1,000 kites “would produce as much electricity as the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power station if the wind blew constantly,” according to Independent.

How high was your jump?

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