Is Kitesurfing going mainstream?

I bet you have had to say the following or similar many times before: “No it’s not surfing, but you do use a similar board”, “So you know what windsurfing is? Well it is similar but we use a kite instead of a sail”… Let’s face it, our sport is a niche sport and until it becomes an Olympic discipline, we will still need to explain to the majority of people what it is that we do on the water.

But things are changing and while advertising has started to pick up kitesurfing as a young and hip background activity to promote their latest outdoor / offroad SUV’s and what not, it looks like we are getting our first big scale exposure via an animated movie called “capture the Flag”.

It’s clearly aimed at kids but we all know that it’s them who push this sport forward so it does make sense to aim it at them. Enjoy!