Superman on a Foilboard

As foilboarding is becoming more and more popular, we get to see this particular niche in kitesurfing being explored far beyond just for racing. Kite tricks on foilboards are anything but easy and yet you will see some riders do incredible moves. One of them is the Caneri Man, or as I would call it, the superman and just looking at it will make you drop your jaw in awe.

Onefoot Kiteloop during a Competition!

Kiteloops are scary and really big ones can stain the inside of your shorts a permanent shade of brown. But its all totally normal for the pro riders and thanks to the Big Air part of the VKWC (Virgin Kitesurf World Championships) we get to see not only crazy high kiteloops and megaloops but also added in tricks such as late backrolls and even board-offs!

Kite Crashes are the New Thing

Have you ever been on Youtube or Vimeo and ended up watching some car crash or other mayhem compilation? Well it seems like the new thing to make compilations of are kitesurfing crashes. Now while for people who don’t kitesurf themselves, these crashes might look rather funny, I have to say, some of them make me feel a bit uneasy and yet, I can’t seem to look away…