Foilboarding with a Cloud in Maui

While personally I am not into riding in sub 10 knots of wind, I admire the skill it takes to do so and using a foilboard has opened up kitesurfing to riding in sub par conditions. Greg from Boardriding Maui is showing some incredible skills using his custom made Cloud kite and probably the tiniest foilboard ever.

It’s a pleasure to watch the VKWC – don’t miss it!

Last year was the end of the PKRA as we knew it and thanks to Sir Richard Branson, we now have the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC). And while it will take some time to get used to this acronym, the style and professionalism with which the tour is being presented is second to none.

The write ups of the competition are well written without becoming too technical and the videos are just pure eye candy. With extensive use of aerial drone shots and slow motion effects, even people who can’t spell “backmobe” will be able to appreciate the power and grace that kitesurfing can represent.

Of course I can’t be happier about the results of the mens freestyle final because Liam Whaley, who many years ago had lessons with me in Tarifa and whom back then as a 9 year old, I taught to ride upwind, is now looking to become the next kitesurfing world champion.

On the girls side it is an absolute pleasure to see so much power and style combined in slow motion shots. It really makes you appreciate the high level of skill that the women are pushing, not letting the men take all the good shots.

Well done Virgin!

How high can you Jump?

Being a bit of a geek (understatement of the year) I was always very keen on combining kitesurfing and tech in any way possible. With the emergence of activity trackers such as the FitBit, Nike Fuelband and many more, it was only a question of time until somebody decided we need to track kitesurfers too.

Woo Sports is one the first to bring a tracker on the market which we are currently testing in Gokova, Turkey as well as at our second spot, Ayvalik. Yesterday we had a bit of a stronger day and our team was out jumping as high as they could. Our instructor Cenk managed to beat Taner, the 6 x national freestyle champion who runs the center, by a whole meter, bringing the record to 8m.

If you are interested in finding out how high you can jump and want to give this awesome gadget a test ride, come to our Alwayswindy / Kitextreme centers and demo them with us. Maybe you will set the record at our spots in Turkey and can brag about it at your home spot!

Triple Flip Madness

We all know kitesurfing is a combination of different sports, all rolled into one and without a doubt, wakeboarding is one of the major sources of all tricks.

In this video, Cody Hesse is showing us a collection of his most radical tricks he has landed over the last year and tops it all off with a triple flip! Don’t miss this one!

How far can you fly?

Murphy Zach seems to have no fear at all. After jumping off the biggest mountain in Gokova, he is back with trying it off a cliff in Fuerteventura. Kids, don’t try this at home 😉