The 2015 NKB Vegas and Bars are Out

The cat is out of the bag! North Kiteboarding has officially released their info and video on the 2015 bar and Vegas. The Vegas will come in 3 different colors of which one will have the “Hadlow Edition” print and the others “Won’t Stop” print. I would just like to say here that North has yet again managed to design a kite that will make you wonder who the hell is in charge of the prints and colors. I cannot but help thinking of a ChupaChup, which coincidentally, had its logo designed by Salvador Dali…


The good news is that the kite will be the same, no matter what is printed on it. All attachment options on the Hadlow version are available on the regular version. The kite has been redesigned substantially and will now appeal more to the freestyle/wakestyle rider than the all-the-gear-no-idea “Pub-styler”.

The kite will be flying either on the usual loaded 5th line bar which will make the kite feel a bit like the previous Vegas or on the new wakestyle bar. The new bar has a very low “V” which means the frontlines join nearly as far down as the adjuster which will give more slack time when loading and popping, making it easier to do  multiple freestyle bar passes. While this sounds like science fiction to most riders, more slack is even a good thing for normal people like us who consider passing the bar once as a massive achievement.

But there is more good news: As part of our advanced kitesurf clinics, we show the optimal way to hold your bar when learning your first handlepasses and that involves running the depowerline between your index and middle finger. This allows you to keep the kite steady even when pulling on the bar during the pass. Since the line can rub quite a bit it takes some time to get enough thick skin between your fingers to get used to the feeling but with the plastic sheathing this is a problem of the past. It will also mean the depower line will last longer – maybe North will offer that on their regular 5 line bar too…sometime…eventually…considering the asking price of over 420 Euros….I mean comon….

Oh and while we are on the topic of pricing – as expected, the North kitebar has finally become cheaper – NOT! Yes people, attention – North has finally cracked the 500 Euro barrier for a bar! The wakestyle bar is now available for 549 Euros… Can you spell a*s r*pe?

But let us not end on a negative here, after all, the kite is what it’s all about and from the first reviews on the web, the response has been very positive. The various adjustment options do really alter the handling, depower and responsiveness of the kite so it can be tuned to fit most tastes. While for some this will be just too much fiddling around, the more advanced riders who are the target customers for this kite, will be happy to trim it to their liking.

Always Windy Moments

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″][spacer height=”30″ mobile_hide=”true”] This is the first video of our Alwayswindy Moments series. Each video is a short moment captured at one of our locations, highlighting a special kitesurfing moment we would like to share with you. Enjoy![spacer height=”30″ mobile_hide=”true”]

String Monkeys – 2 Up 1 Down

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So what do you get when three top PKRA Kitesurfers come together and forget to bring a kite? Well watch this video and see what these string monkeys came up with.[spacer height=”30″ mobile_hide=”true”]

2up1down from LUPAH FILMS on Vimeo.

Finally Kitesurfing at Home

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You know how it is, touring the worlds beaches, kiting for a living, never sleeping in the same bed more than a week, hardly sleeping alone… Well being in the top 10 of the PKRA can be a tough life which is why Stefan Spiessberger is happy to be riding at home and shows in his latest video where he has become such an awesome freestyle kitesurfing pro. Being from Austria myself I really like the beautiful backdrop of those lush, green mountains, not unlike Gökova which we call home now ourselves. So it was not surprising that Stefan visited us in between PKRA tour stops, for a quick practice session in the flat waters of Gökova.

HOME from ENJOY THE SOUP on Vimeo.

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North Kiteboarding in Martinique

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[spacer height=”30″ mobile_hide=”true”]Martinique is an island in the eastern Caribbean sea offers some stunning kitesurfing conditions. Mainly lighter winds but with lots of flat water, the French North Kiteboarding Team made a nice video that for a change does not only show impossibly difficult freestyle moves but also the fun sides around travelling together, even when the wind meter needs help to give you a good reading 😉
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trip martinique north kiteboarding from lefebvre alexandre on Vimeo.

Der Drift Start

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Unser neuestes Kite Anleitungsvideo ist der Drift Start. Diese sichere Startmethode eignet sich wenn Du keinen qualifizierten Starthelfer hast und schon ein fortgeschrittener Kiter bist.

Susam September Aktion 6+1 Gratis

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Es hat sich schon rumgesprochen das Alwayswindy die besten Gökova Deals hat aber im September wird es sogar noch günstiger. Wenn Du eine Woche im Susam buchst bezahlst Du lediglich für 6 Nächte! Zusätzlich bieten wir für den gesamten Monat einen ermässigten Flughafentransfer an.

Wer bei uns bucht zahlt weniger und kitet mehr!


Is North’s Kite Lineup confusing you too?

It’s no secret that at Alwayswindy we ride North but long before we were affiliated with North Kiteboarding, we have been using their kites and boards. So naturally people come to us and ask about their products, in particular which kite is the right one for them and their riding style.

A few years back it was a relatively simple affair and you could easily direct anybody to the right type of kite – Rebel for freeriders, Evo for allrounders and waves and Vegas for freestylers. But now it seems that every year there are more and more new types of kites from North and it can be quite confusing. In fact, one of the current discussions on the site is titled “North Kites confusion! On Purpose?”

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”433″ height=”441″]

While you might get confused by North’s marketing and rather complicated “dial” that should tell you what the particular kite is good for, we will try to put it in simpler terms.

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”364″ height=”420″]

North Rebel

This is your classic freeride kite with a loaded 5th line. That means it needs the 5th line to keep its profile rather than only to use it as a safety. It does everything well as long as you like to stay hooked in. It jumps well, turns well, and gives the most useable range thanks to the fact that the kite remains reactive even when sheeted out. The 5 strut design also means more stability and performance through a larger windrange. This is North’s “everybody” kite and is the one that will suite most riders.

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”373″ height=”413″]

North Evo

The Evo is a freeride kite that can be ridden with 4 or 5 line setups. It also features 5 struts adding to stability and better windrange. Basically the Evo is meant for the same target customer as the Rebel, but on 4 lines. It jumps just a little better than the Rebel but maybe has slightly less range due to bridles vs 5-lines. With the Rebel being North’s best selling kite, the Evo came in to offer a similar performance but on a 4 line setup and also as an answer to F-Ones Bandit, the first Delta shaped kite.

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”349″ height=”441″]

North Dice

The allrounder, 4/5 line compatible. However, as I have noticed myself, it will not be as happy on the 5 line bar as on the 4 line setup. Even the frontline “V” on the regular 5 line North bar is just a bit too high for optimal performance so get it on the 4 line bar. Freeride, unhooked freestyle, advanced wave (hooked or unhooked) – all good. Basically this is the kite that does it all. It does freestyle well, but not as well as the Vegas. It’s great for freeride, but the 3-strut setup means it may not have the same range or performance at the ends of its range that the Evo/Rebel has. Jumps well, but maybe not as big as the Evo or Rebel. Does waves amazingly well in the waves (great drift from 3-struts), but maybe not quite as well as the Neo.

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”353″ height=”426″]

North Neo

The Neo is 4/5 line compatible. It’s a wave only kite. Maximum drift to float down the line coupled with maximum low-end power so you can ride the smallest kite possible, while maintaining quick turning, so you can park and ride down the line or throw it around in onshore conditions.

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”333″ height=”428″]

North Vegas

Freestyle. Loaded 5 line. Advanced unhooked freestyle and basically the best kite ever (ok we are a bit biased here).

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”350″ height=”458″]

North Juice

This is North’s answer to the Ozone Zephyr – the undisputed freeride/freestyle lightwind king. Now we ride the Zephyr and being in Gokova, Turkey, we often have light wind days in the beginning and near the end of the season – typically around 10 knots. This is the perfect time for the Zephyr, a huge 17m kite that handles relatively well but more importantly, will not pull your arms out of their sockets when you unhook and can be reverse-launched out of the water in sub 10 knots. All this while riding your standard board – no lightwind door. I cannot praise this kite enough so I am very keen on trying the Juice to see how it compares.

[image url=”” raw=”true” alignment=”center” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ width=”483″ height=”416″]

North Dyno

The race kite that can also be used for lightwind riding. It uses a loaded 5th line and a rather simple bridle system. The reduction from 7 to 5 struts make the kite a bit lighter and will make it more responsive even when sheeted out, adding to its advantages as a race kite. But it is also a nice old school hangtime kite. Toby Brauer, the founder of can be seen riding these kites even in 20+ knots, jumping huge and floaty airs that enable him to pull of all kinds of board off tricks (see his 666 tricks DVD here). But it’s not all gold and due to its grunt, it is no freestyle kite unless your nickname is Arnie…

So does this mean North has it all covered? Probably no and we always recommend to try other kites before making a decision because while a kite might have it all on paper, it will come down to your particular riding style and also main riding spot and its prevailing conditions.

How to Drift Launch your Kite

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The drift launch is a technique to self-launch your kite for kite spots with flat to choppy water and no shore break. This technique is for advanced kiters and should only be used if there is no qualified launch assistant available.

First setup your kite as usual and attach your leash and chicken loop. Walk to the front of your kite being careful to not snag any twigs, rocks or shrubs with your lines. Lift the kite by the leading edge and carry it into the water.

If you are at an onshore kitebeach, this launching technique will only work if you can walk out at least double the length of your kite lines.

Once you are in the water, submerge the leading edge of your kite so that the canopy is weighed down with water which will keep the kite stuck to the surface as it drifts downwind of you.

Check your bar and quick release for any line tangles and be ready to quick release if necessary.

As the kite drifts downwind, the lines will begin to tension. Use one backline to turn the kite half way round and let the wind complete the turn.

Untwist your bar and proceed with a regular water relaunch.

If you are thirsty for more kitesurfing how to’s, check out our other instructionals here.
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How to Drift Launch your Kite
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Latest news on the 2015 North Vegas Hadlow Pro

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At the German PKRA event in St. Peter Ording, Hadlow and North Kiteboarding CEO Till Eberle presented the North Vegas Hadlow Pro Edition. Rather than redesigning the Vegas entirely, North has decided to bring out two different versions of the Vegas which differ mainly in their colors, design (not shape) and attachment options. Both versions of the Vegas will cost the same although we hope the regular Vegas will be a little less revolting concerning the choice of print and colors (slim chance though – it is after all North we are talking about here). It is still unclear if there will be a 6 line option but Hadlow has been seen using it during the competition. also released an interview with both Hadlow and Till, catch up on it here.