Cheap flights to Gokova and Ayvalik in Turkey 2014

We all know that planning ahead can save you loads of money when booking a kitesurfing holiday but nobody has the time to be constantly on the lookout for a cheap flight and even then, how do you know when is the best time to grab a ticket? Some studies show that booking 8-6 weeks before the actual flight dates, gives you the best deals for shorter flights and for long haul flights, look to book even earlier. Either way, if your plans are to visit one of our kite spots in Turkey, we recommend you have a look at what the budget airline Fly Pegasus has to offer now. You could easily grab yourself a super cheap and windy kitesurf holiday in Ayvalik or Gokova if you get on it now.

New North Kiteboarding Dice is out

North Kiteboarding brought out a new line of kites – the Dice. They say: “The Dice is a brand new kite for 2014, aimed at the rider wanting a do it all machine with C-Shape flying characteristics. It is based around a C-Shape profile, using a lightweight three strut construction.”

What this boils down to is a kite that should fit in somewhere between the Evo and a Vegas line without really excelling in any particular area but play the part of Norths do-it-all kite.

It is a very stable kite which makes it good in the waves and without being to much of a hybrid, it still gives you a C-Style feel.

The Big Charity Downwinder – Virgin Kitesurfing Armarda

Virgin Kitesurfing Armarda

Huge CONGRATULATIONS one and all!

Yesterday on the south coast of the UK 300+ kitesurfers, including Sir Richard Branson, entered the water at Hayling Island to take the title of Guinness World Record Breakers for the ‘Largest Parade of Kitesurfers’ ever.

In order to set a the new World Record they needed a minimum of 250 kitesurfers to participate in the event and complete the one mile course set out at Hayling Island.

318 kiters broke the record and many then continued down the coast to my ‘home’ kiting beach Lancing.

I am feeling very proud of all of my friends and kiting buddies on the south coast who have taken part in the downwinder, the organising and the safety and I am sure they are all feeling very proud of themselves too.

Watch some of the action and an interview with Sir Richard Branson here:

It’s not too late to donate to the charities benefiting from the event – I can’t wait to see how much they have raised!

Happy kiting!



Wakeboarding behind an Airplane

Any kitesurfer who tried to wakeboard will know that it is quite a different sport and while having a kite pull you forward and up, this is not quite the same behind a boat unless it has a tow tower.

But all that can be solved by using an airplane instead of a boat! Watch this crazy stunt by the Austrian Bernhard Hinterberger.

Sensational wakeboard action – towed by a plane! a Wakeboarding video by MPORA