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Save your Gadgets from Water while Kitesurfing

We have all been there before – you are at the beach and things simply get wet. Not a problem until your phone or the GoPro gets wet and all the rice in the world can’t save it from sea salt happily corroding the electronics and sending you off to by a new, expensive replacement.

Back in the stone age (my era) you could get a yellow, bulky Sony Walkman or more recently “ruggedized” versions of mobile phones that promise to be splash proof. Of course it’s rarely the fully equipped super phone but some dumbphone or a not top of the range smartphone.

But in recent years there have been lots of advances with hydrophobic coating and now its finally available for anybody at a very fair 20 USD per spray can. NeverWet can waterpoof absolutely anything and after watching this video you will be lining up to buy it:

It’s not out yet in Europe as far as I can tell but it won’t be long before every BnQ will be having this on their shelves.

For that price, I think it is well worth the investment to protect your mobile from the next toilet drop or kitesurf session, when you forget about carrying your phone in the boardshorts…

Kite Clinic and the Antarctica

Kitesurf Clinic with Always Windy and Ian Prickett

Ian Prickett at a Kitesurf Clinic in Gokova Turkey

What do these two have in common? I’m glad you are asking! Ian Prickett (in the middle of the picture) is not only an avid kitesurfer but also a team member of the current 2000-mile crossing of Antarctica!

Ian who has been joining Always Windy kitesurf clinics to improve his skills is on his way to be among the first people in history to cross the unforgiving continent in winter. The expedition named “The Coldest Journey” is a never before attempted way to cross the Antarctic, not only due to the winter but because they are using Catapillars to make the journey.


If you haven’t already been following their progress, check out the latest article on Top Gear Magazine to get a glimpse of what it takes to make this incredible journey.

I have to admit, makes me proud, that little ginger bloke 🙂

The Wave Garden

If you have been dabbling with surfing waves, you will know that finding the perfect conditions for learning is sometimes even harder than finding a windy kitesurfing destination. Wave Garden is here to change that. The artificial wave is approximately 1.20metres (4.25 feet) in face-height providing clean barreling rides of 20 seconds duration that do not lose power or shape during the course of their travel. The technology is designed to generate 120 waves per hour with an average power of 270 kW. The technology has been proven through advanced simulation modeling to be capable of making waves of any size and length, depending on the size of the lagoon. Read more about it here.

Liam Whaley – Kitesurfing Protégé

Time flies and before you know it there are young riders ripping the waters around you while you still remember their first baby steps in this wonderful sport.
When I was still working as an instructor in Club Mistral in Tarifa, one of my kitesurf students was the super eager Liam who came with his father Peter to learn to kitesurf. I still remember him hopping around attached to a 4m kite asking incessantly “how can I jump?” while he was just done with his bodydrag lesson.
Well done little, impatient jumper 🙂

Sicher und Windig!

Wenn Du die Nachrichten verfolgst hast Du sicherlich bereits von den Unruhen in der Türkei gehört.
Wir wollen Dir hiermit versichern das es keinen Grund zur Sorge gibt wenn Du zu einen unserer Türkischen Destinationen reisen möchtest.
Die zu meidenden Städte, und auch nur gewisse Stadtteile davon, sind Istanbul, Ankara und Izmir wobei die näheste davon gute 300Km von uns entfernt liegt. Es hat viele Solidaritätsmärsche in benachbarten Städten gegeben aber alle sind friedlicher Natur gewesen und sind daher auch kein Grund zur Beunruhigung.
Wir leben hier und waren innerhalb der letzten 5 Tage in den benachbarten Orten  wo wir keine Anzeichen von Störungen oder Proteste gesehen haben.
Leider berichten die Medien vor allem das Schlimmste vom Schlimmen aus Istanbul und Ankara jedoch herrscht im restlichen Lande “business as usual”.
Was aber ganz sicher ist: der Wind lässt sich durch Unruhen nicht ausschalten und wer sich davon überzeugen möchte sollte sich unsere Webcam hier ansehen.
Solltest Du jedoch Fragen oder Unklarheiten haben bezüglich einem Besuch in Gökova oder Ayvalik, zögere nicht uns zu kontaktieren den wir leben vor Ort und können Dir 100% aktuelle Informationen zur Lage bringen.
Sarah und Mark

The female Kitesurf World Champion

While most of the media attention in the PKRA Kitesurfing Championships is focused on the men, we at Always Windy feel that women need to be highlighted more than the men in our sport. This year sees Karolina Winkowska win the PKRA World Champion Freestyle title and watching her latest video, it is easy to see why.

HEL WE GO ! from karolina winkowska on Vimeo.