ScottEVest Travel Vest – 50% off International Shipping – 27 March to 01 April 2013

We’ve blogged about the wonders of the ScottEVest before and we NEVER travel without ours!

With up to 25 hidden pockets (depending on the model) we’ve managed to carry an extra 5.5kgs each onto flights with absolutely no problem whatsoever.


So grab yourself this travel essential while the shipping is cheap!

Also see what else you can fit into your ScottEVest:




  • This deal applies only to non-U.S. addresses and lasts from 12:01 AM Greenwich Mean Time March 27th until 12:01 PM GMT on April 1st.  With customers all over the world, this was the best way to set up the dates/times of the sale.
  • The shipping price you see during checkout is the discounted price.  The 50% shipping deduction is taken before the shipping price is displayed, so your shipping cost is the amount that appears during checkout.  This discount applies to shipping costs only: there may be additional duties, tariffs or taxes charged by your country, but we have no control over that.
  • No promo code is required to save 50% off shipping… just check out as usual.  This means that you can use any other promo code you have (daily sale, etc.) to save on the products, and then save on the shipping!

World Champion Kitesurfers and Playboy Bunnies

Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobson are shown in this video having the time of their lives in a crazy place called Nitro City. It would be better if you do not question the “why” behind all the fooling and try not to ask yourself how this affects kitesurfing in its addition to the olympics, just enjoy the crazy stunts and the Playboy Bunnies.

Gökova – Training ground of the Professional Kitesurfers

Its really not a secret anymore that Gokova is a favourite training ground for the professional kitesurfers. After having Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern, Martin Hogg, Luke Whiteside, Holly Kennedy, Dan Sweeney, Sam Light and many more in our Always Windy top spot, Wainman Kiteboarding sponsored Hannah Whiteley  has also visited our awesome flat water spot. Based in Stockport, Cheshire, the 21 year old is currently ranked 13th in the PKRA and battling it out in Dakhla, Morocco but we are confident that she will be rising in the rankings in no time.


Go out and play

Damien Leroy is a professional kitesurfer and surfer. Watch this video and let that smile win you over to go out and have some fun!