Panorama: Gokova Bay

Kitesurfing in Gokova is something special not only because of its reliab, daily wind but also because of its stunning natural beauty. Enjoy the 180 degree panorama of Gokova Bay that we managed to make on a sunny afternoon, right from the top of the 1000m tall mountain overlooking the bay.

Gokova Bay in Turkey

Megaloop on Snow = Balls of Steel

Being a fan of megaloops I can say with experience and confidence, to pull the trigger on a megaloop over snow, at that altitude, is not a trivial feat. It definately makes us look forward to our Snowkiting trip in March to Mount Erciyes.


Getting Air in Turkey

The PKRA pro Kiteboarders Stefan Spiessberger and Mike Schitzhofer are getting some nice airtime in with us in Gökova – Turkey!


Lewis Wilby BKSA Redcar 2012 Landboarding

Lewis Wilby at his free-riding session during the BKSA redcar 2012 shows that kiteboarding is not all about being in the water.


Turkish Delight

This summer the sponsored rider Laila Puehringer from Austria came to visit us for some kitesurf training. Besides coming to ride nearly everyday, she also had a few days to see the beautiful surrounding area and made this video for you to see.


Unhooked this, unhooked that but can you do THIS?

Freestyle kitesurfing has its perks and anybody who has started to unhook will know that it can be a long road until you start throwing handlepasses with ease. But if you ask anybody watching on the beach what he thinks is really thrilling about kitesurfing, the answer will most probably be what you can see in this video.


Kitesurfers Travel Gadgets: The ScottEVest 50% Discount


Leading on from Marks post about travelling light I had to write about one item of clothing we never travel without!  The ScottEVest.

With Christmas rapidly appearing over the horizon you can’t beat this fantastic shipping deal from our favourite travel clothing company.

Below is what we packed into our ScottEVEests last winter for our Vietnam trip.  An extra 5.5kgs of hand luggage each and we sailed through all 6 airports encountered along the way!

The great thing about the ScottEVest Classic Vest is that not only does it give you that extra carry on weight but it is also very stylish and can be worn as an extra layer.


Ladies Classic ScottEvest

Ladies Classic Vest

Olympus Tough Digital Camera + Cable

HTC Mobile Phone


Lenovo ThinkPad X200 (12” Laptop)

Laptop charging ‘brick’ & cables

Ebook Reader

2.5” External hard disk

Sun Glasses incl. Hard Case

Pen Travel Documents & Passport

3x USB Cables

iPod Earbuds


X-Mini Micro

USB Travel Speaker

Folder containing paperwork

KiteGirl Magazine

Mens Classic ScottEVest

Men’s Classic Vest

Electric Shaver + Charger

Casio Exilim FH20 Camera

Polaroid lens with adaptor

GoPro incl. various mounts

Lenovo Thinkpad X200 (12” Laptop)

HTC mobile phone

2 x 2.5” external hard disks

Travel Documents

Sunglasses incl. Hard Case


6 spare AA batteries

2 spare mobile phone batteries

1 pebble usb charger

Various SD cards and adaptor

Kiteworld Magazine

External USB long range wifi card

Various USB cables, nicely wrapped in a GRID-IT board

X-Mini Micro USB Travel Speaker

Blue tooth mouse

Here’s another way you can use your ScottEVest to beat the airlines.


Happy Kiting



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New GoPro Hero3

Gopro Hero3 Camera

If there is one camera I use on a regular basis and cannot recommend enough, it’s the GoPro. Many of our kitesurfing videos have been shot on the GoPro and although you do look a little dorky when wearing one attached to your helmet, there is nothing that can give you such a close first person view of kitesurfing as the Gopro. Our popular Virtual Kitesurfing Tour through Gokova is a just such a GoPro video. Now GoPro has released its latest version, the GoPro Hero3. It comes in 3 different configurations and besides offering various full HD video options, it has also been reduced in size, weight and includes wifi connectivity without any additional attachments. This will enable you to use your smartphone as a viewfinder using the GoPro app. As always, GoPro has not missed the opportunity to showcase the stunning images this camera can take by making a fantastic action video:


Kitesurfers Travel Gadgets: The Kindle

Most kitesurfers know how important it is to travel light and like us, have felt the sting at the airlines baggage check-in. Since we travel quite a bit more than your average kitesurf holiday seeker, we have accumulated a few very useful gadgets that we never leave without and are often asked by friends on where to get them. So in the light of this we will occasionally start posting a few kitesurf travel gadgets that we recommend to you because we think they will come in very handy.

The Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

The Kindle eBook reader is not hot news for most people nowadays but it is nevertheless an awesome gadget to have for more than simply reading loads of books and magazines.

The latest version is the Kindle Paperwhite and unlike previous models features an integrated reading light that is so energy efficient, it will easily be lasting you for 8 weeks of continuous usage. This also means you always have a flashlight on you that pretty much never runs out of battery.

Another feature that is not well known is the integrated web browser. On more than one occasion I have needed to access a website, email or book or check a flight ticket and my phone and laptop were long dead after a long haul flight. However, the Kindle with its massive battery life will happily connect to a wifi (or if you have the Kindle Paperwhite 3G with Free 3G + Wi-Fi it will connect to any 3G network for free!) and works surprisingly well, albeit in black and white, as a tablet replacement.

The Kindle online store of course has loads of books and magazines on offer but what I also end up using very often is the option to be able to email any document to my Kindle. When you purchase your Kindle, you will get your own Kindle email address. You can then email from anywhere eBooks, emails, text, images, etc. to your Kindle email address and in seconds it is available on your Kindle. Got a flight booking confirmation via email? Just forward it to your Kindle email and you have it ready at hand at check-in.

I also love the option of being able to read a book on my Kindle and at anytime, switch to the Kindle app on my phone where I can continue reading exactly where I left off on my Kindle. The app as well as the Kindle synchronise so you can read seamlessly on one device and then skip to another. Many times I would be standing in line, waiting for the passport control and reading on my phone since it is smaller and close by hand. Then when entering the plane, I take out the Kindle and immediately continue reading from where I left off.

Last but not least, I am an impatient guy and really find it annoying to have to wait before the seatbelt lights turn off to be able to read. However, if you have the Kindle in its leather book cover, more often than not the stewardess do not even realise that you are reading off an electronic device and will ignore you since (if your Kindle reading light is off) it just looks like a printed page in a leather bound book. Also, the leather cover has a magnetic closure which wakes the Kindle up when you open it and sends it to sleep when you close it – very handy since now you don’t even have to bother switching it off.

Did I mention you can also play games on it? What can I say, the Kindle is a fantastic little kitesurfers travel gadget!

Kitesurfing until the End

One of the most inspiring kiteboarders passed away yesterday – Poul died with the kite in his hands at an age of 88.

Poul who turned 88 in February was riding his 8m kite on a well windy day at his homespot “Sydvestpynten” near Copenhagen a few km from his house. He came in to shore with the kite at 12 when his heart stopped beating. He died happy the way he wanted at his favorite spot after a great day of kiting and a long and very active life around the ocean with his friends.