The North Kiteboarding Trust Bar 2013Die North Kiteboard Trust Bar 2013

One of the best kiteboard bar systems is made by North and 2013 sees an updated version of the already well designed 2012 bar. This video shows the main improvements and advantages that a North Kiteboarding bar offers to you.

httpvh:// der besten Kiteboard Barsysteme ist von North und die 2013 Version enttaeuscht auch diesmal nicht. Dieses Video zeigt dir die Vorteile der neuen Bar und deren Neuerungen.


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Time to improve – Kite Clinics in Boa VistaJetzt aber richtig springen – Kite Klinik in Boa Vista

Tired of mowing the lawn? Or simply want to jump higher? Well dont miss out on our Boa Vista Kite Clinics this winter!

httpvh:// du endlich mal hoeher springen oder denkst du gar daran mal einen Handlepass zu erlernen? Dann komm doch auf unsere Kite Klinik in Boa Vista!



Kiteboarding on the Cook IslandsKitesurfen auf Cook Island

Ever wondered how it would be to kiteboard on the Cook Islands? Here is a short but sweet video of Kitesurfer Katie Potter, enjoying the paradise life there.


Ruben Lenten and the Megaloop Contest

Its not a big secret that we are fans of Ruben Lenten and here we have a new video of him giving us a look behind setting up his Red Bull Megaloop Contest.



The Kite Leash

Do you attach your leash on the back of your harness? Here we show you how to attach your leash and improve your safety on the water and spare you painful wipe outs when practising railey to blinds.

KB4Girls Global Event, Lancing UK

KB4Girls participants in Pink, Coaches and Kristin Boese in Blue.

I’ve just had an amazing weekend (28 to 30 July) back in the UK for the KB4Girls Global Event in Lancing.  For the second year running I was fortuante enough to coach alongside Kristin Boese and the Lancing Chapter girls Andrina Kelly , Jo Malyon and Hen Durbin.

This event was very close to all our hearts and made it even more important for me to return to my ‘home spot’ as an Ambassador of KB4Girls, to take part in the event and support the fundraising for St Barnabus.  It also gave me the opportunity to say farewell to the beautiful Fiona Claisse.

You can read the KB4Girls press release here.

It’s been about 7 years since I last kited in Lancing and I have to say I was incredibly lucky to back there on such an awesome weekend!  The sun shone, the skies were blue and the wind was amazing!  I was wonderfully powered on my 9m Vegas (always my favorite!) and although I was there to coach, I did manage to sneak in a 15 minute session when the tide was at it’s lowest just for old times sake.

I had truely forgotten how wonderful Lancing is, when all the elements come together as they did this weekend!

A huge thanks to all the girls who came and to the Lancing KB4Girls Chapter girls for organising such a wonderful ‘Olympic’ themed event!  It was a weekend I will never forget!

Saying goodbye to Lancing after an amazing weekend, until next time…

North Kiteboarding Vegas 2013 Photos

Its no big secret that Sarah and me love the Vegas but we rarely agreed with Norths designers on the graphics and colour choices. However, finally the North designers seem to have stopped taking LSD and changed to a more appealing design.