Reno in Rio Kiteboarding

Reno is showing us that you dont need to go to Fortaleza, Cumbuco and Paracuru to have good winds in Brazil. This absolutely stunning video with helicopter shots was edited by the same Andre Magarao who did Hannah Whiteley’s latest video in Coche. Enjoy!




Hannah Whiteley Kiteboarding in Coche

A very well edited and nicely colored video of Hannah in Coche, Venezuela. I spent a good 5 months working and training in Coche a few years back and I still look back with fond memories of super flat water and stunning nature.




We Went Exploring and Look What We Found

We went exploring a couple of days ago and found a forest path all the way to the top of the mountain and look what we found… the best view of Gokova Bay!!

The best view of Gokova Bay, Turkey




The Ultimate Aerial Video of Gokova Bay

Ever since the first time we drove down the mountain road leading to Akyaka and saw the breathtaking beauty of Gokova Bay, we wanted to find the perfect way to present the area and to show this perfect kitesurfing spot. So here it is – the ultimate Aerial Gokova Kitesurfing Bay Video!